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Little witches, comedy, and love in the library

Akko, Amanda, and Croix in the library at the beginning of the episode “Amanda O’Neil and the Holy Grail”

Hello everyone! It’s been a bit slow in terms of finding libraries in animation since my last post on the topic back on October 10. In order to get to my goal, as I stated in my last post of watching “100 anime episodes and 100 animation episodes,” with libraries and/or librarians, I’m focusing on anime for now. Presently, I’ve watched 81 anime episodes, up from 74 as stated in my October 10 post, as noted in this Excel document. In this post, I’ll highlight some of my favorite moments in each of those episodes when it comes to libraries and librarians.

Let’s start with Little Witch Academia. Like any anime set in a school environment, there are undoubtedly scenes in libraries. In the episode “Samhain Magic Festival,” for instance, Professor Ursula researches at the library about a curse, finding the information she needs is at Luna Nova’s Archive Library. In that way, the episode has library and archives themes all-in-one! In a later episode, “Chariot of Fire,” a student, Diana Cavendish, is researching about Croix at the library and Prof. Ursula talks to her, unintentionally revealing she knew Croix well, then leaving not long after. Later in the episode, Diana is still reading a book in the library. Again, the library scenes are short but undoubtedly worthwhile to say the least. Finally, in the introduction to the episode “Amanda O’Neil and the Holy Grail,” Akko and Amanda meet Prof. Ursula in the library, where she is doing research. While she leaves, they spend time in the library, thinking of how they will find the fifth word, and talk with Prof. Croix about it, and they end up going on an adventure while Croix is still in the library. Libraries galore!

Libraries appear just as many times in the romcom/sex comedy anime titled B Gata H Kei. In part 1 of the show’s first episode, “Boy Meets Girl. Please Give Me Your ‘First Time’!!,” the show’s protagonist, Yamada, is assigned to be a school volunteer at the library like her crush Kosuda. Yamada says she didn’t like the library because it smells but fantasizes about hiding spots to have love with Kosuda. She tries to seduce him there and it fails, as it usually does. Then, in part 1 of the fourth episode, “Throbbing Christmas Eve. What Does a First Kiss Taste Like?,” Yamada and Kosuda are volunteering in the library together once more. Later, in part 1 of the show’s fifth episode, “A Valentine of Sweat and Tears! Love(?) From Yamada is Put Into It,” Yamada and Kosuda are volunteering in the library together. In Part 2, titled “Improve the Erotic Powers! It’s My First Time Feeling This Sensation…” of this episode, they are both in the library again, with Yamada trying to get Kosuda interested in her romantically again. As expected, that doesn’t work, leaving her alone in the library after he leaves. He then comes back and is embarrassed by her actions.

Yuu and Touko are shocked to see every table in the library filled with people studying for exams

Finally, there is the yuri anime, Bloom Into You. In the episode “The Problem With Choices,” Touko and Yuu end up studying in the library together for school midterms day after day until finally, they end up studying at Yuu’s house because the library is crowded one day. The romance between them continues to blossom!

So that’s all for this week.

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By Burkely Hermann

Burkely Hermann joined the National Security Archive as an Indexer and Metadata Librarian in March 2020, using his experience with arrangement, indexing, electronic databases, cataloging, metadata creation, and knowledge of history on a daily basis. In December 2019, he completed his Master of Library and Information Science, specializing in Archives and Digital Curation, at University of Maryland. In 2016, he received a Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Political Science and a minor in History, from St. Mary's College of Maryland. He previously interned at the National Archives II facility in College Park and worked at the Maryland State Archives, Digital Curation and Innovation Center, and the Enoch Pratt Free Library. He is also a member of the Society of American Archivists. In his free time, he researches his family genealogy, serves as a judge for National History Day, which he participated in for several years, writes fictional works, and keeps up with changes in the library and archives fields. He currently runs seven WordPress blogs, primarily about his family history, or reviewing archives and libraries in pop culture.

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