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Messy libraries and more fights in the library

Above are screenshots inside the “Exchange” in the film Soylent Green, showing a very messy library. I’ve written about fights in libraries before, whether between Green Lantern and the Cheetah, Diana Prince and Katana, the Glitch Techs and Skeltones, Amity and Luz against a book monster, the Mysticons and Proxima, and Nick Logan and alien creatures. In this post, I’ll look at the episode of Manaria Friends first.

In the episode “Anne and Grea,” there is a fight in the magical library at school, Anne defeats a monster there, encasing the library in ice. She gets in a lot of trouble for the fight, sadly, but grows closer to Grea!

Library encased in ice in the episode

During the episode “The Witch,” Kaisa, the librarian, works with Frida and Hilda to try and find a missing book. In the process, they have to fight various monsters and go through challenges. While they do find the book, they are thrown into the void, and Kaisa uses her magic, as a witch, to try and stop them from falling. In this way, there is a fight in the library itself. Thanks to Hilda and Frida, they help her save the day and escape the void! Librarian for the win! Yay!

In the fifteenth episode of My-HiME, Nagi looks at Alyssa Searrs, Miyu Greer, and the Searrs private army and eliminates the soldiers from his personal sanctum, which is full with books, and presumably other materials. However, since this scene is very short, I did not count it for a scene on my spreadsheet, but it should be mentioned nonetheless. The look that Nagi (who we could consider a librarian) gives them is utterly terrifying. If someone looks at you like this after you entered a library, you know you are in trouble!

In the next episode, he is shown there again, briefly, reclaiming it as his base, a place which has an entrance to the caverns underneath, which have a role later in the series. Clearly, he doesn’t want any people to take over his library! So, don’t cross him…it isn’t gonna end up good for you. He is briefly shown there, again, in the 19th episode, with a book in his hand, and sitting on a railing like he owns the place.

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