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Recently added titles (October 2021)

Building on last month, and for July/August, I’m posting here, noting recent titles with libraries or librarians in popular culture which I’ve come across in the past month, in October of 2021. Each of these has been watched or read during this month. Not as many animated series or anime with libraries this month, but I did come across a good deal in comics, whether in graphic novels or webcomics, and hopefully there will be more that I find in November. That’s my hope at least.

Thyme and Rose in the library, which is on fire, in the 12th episode of High Guardian Spice

Animated series recently added this page

  • Loyalty High episode 3
  • High Guardian Spice episode 3, “Transformations”
  • High Guardian Spice episode 5, “A Lost Cause”
  • High Guardian Spice episode 12, “Attack on High Guardian Academy”
  • Masters of the Universe: Revelation part 1, episode 4, “Land of the Dead”
  • DC Super Hero Girls season 2, episode 19, “#DetentionClub”
  • Young Justice episode “Cornered”

Anime series recently added this page

  • Tatakau Shisho: The Book of Bantorra episodes 1-2

Comics recently added this page

  • Brownie and Barebones, issues “Sweet Tooth (Old) Part One,” “Sweet Tooth (Old) Part Two,” “Books (short)” (mentioned), “Dereck (part four),” “Dereck (part five),” and “The Metal Detector (short)”
  • Cleopatra in Space, “The Thief and Sword” (graphic novel)
  • Friends with Benefits “ROHAN: Part 4” issue
  • Girly Issues #545, 560
  • House of Stars Issues #8, 9, and 10
  • My Next-door Neighbors “Episode 36 Part 2” [Episode #60]
  • Obviously in Love “Library (Again)” [Episode #43]
  • Steam Dragon Express Episode #15
  • Sword & Sphere Issues #24, 27, 28, 30, and 31

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Thank you to all the people that regularly read my blog. As always, if you have any titles you’d like to suggest, let me know. Thanks!

By Burkely Hermann

Burkely Hermann joined the National Security Archive as an Indexer and Metadata Librarian in March 2020, using his experience with arrangement, indexing, electronic databases, cataloging, metadata creation, and knowledge of history on a daily basis. In December 2019, he completed his Master of Library and Information Science, specializing in Archives and Digital Curation, at University of Maryland. In 2016, he received a Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Political Science and a minor in History, from St. Mary's College of Maryland. He previously interned at the National Archives II facility in College Park and worked at the Maryland State Archives, Digital Curation and Innovation Center, and the Enoch Pratt Free Library. He is also a member of the Society of American Archivists. In his free time, he researches his family genealogy, serves as a judge for National History Day, which he participated in for several years, writes fictional works, and keeps up with changes in the library and archives fields. He currently runs seven WordPress blogs, primarily about his family history, or reviewing archives and libraries in pop culture.

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