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This blog in 2021 (and beyond)

Doctor Strange surrounded by books in a magical library in an episode of What If…?

In my last post in 2021, I thought I’d review what I’ve posted on this blog in the past year. From my first post on January 5, until this one, I’ve written about library stereotypes, library classification, librarians of color, library users, records, library workers, non-human librarians, and romance. Other posts have focused on LGBTQ librarians (esp. gay and lesbian ones), male librarians, female librarians, censorship, abandoned libraries, ethics, data files, jokes, and more.

For the whole year, apart from the archives on my homepage, for old posts, nine posts garnered a significant amount of views:

Of these posts, three of them, at least, focus specifically on Librarians of Color, specifically the first one listed here about the unnamed librarian in We Bare Bears, the second one listed about the vampire librarian, Sophie Twilight, in Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood, and the seventh one about the librarian-soldiers in Library War. While I would note how many posts I have used the “librarian of color” tag, I know it is probably not even 50%, so I don’t even want to calculate that, as I’ll just end up depressing myself in the process, although, I may expand this in the future with other posts on other shows like Kokoro Library and Armed Librarians: Book of Bantorra. [1] While some of my best posts in 2020 were about POC librarians, like ones on librarians in Revolutionary Girl Utena, Gargantia (Dr. Oldham), Ascendance of a Bookworm (Myne), or Read or Die / R.O.D., some of my favorites, other than those on the above list, are as follows:

Of these posts, I loved watching Mira, Royal Detective, especially since it has a nice song and dance about the importance of libraries, reading, and learning. So, that was nice.

There was also a related post on BIPOC librarians in animated series (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and Yamibou), a guest post on Reel Librarians, rehashed shows I watched in 2020, which I enjoyed writing. I hope that in the future I can write other guest posts on Reel Librarian.

In 2021, posted about recently added titles in July / August, September, October, and November, and added a page about librarians, and libraries, in comics and webcomics. I also began series about fictional libraries and fictional librarians of the month. I expect that will continue until sometime next year.

I liked writing about Kaisa in Hilda (also see here), the chief librarian, and Black woman, in the series Welcome to the Wayne, Clara Rhone, and the British wrestler-librarian, the wonderful buff librarian, in an episode of Totally Spies. The same can be said about the librarian protagonists in Too Loud, the vampire librarian Sophie Twilight and the value of weeding collections, and the quiet sanctum and “peaceful” reading in the Seiran Academy library in Dear Brother. I also proposed the Librarian Proposal Test in August 10 in a post about the We Bare Bears, and expanded upon it on August 31.

Onward to a productive year ahead!

© 2021 Burkely Hermann. All rights reserved.


[1] Others may include Craig of the Creek, The Loud House, China IL, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Castlevania.


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