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Fictional Library of the Month: High Guardian Academy Library in “High Guardian Spice”

The protagonists, and audience, first see the library of High Guardian Spice on fire, in the show’s 12th episode.

Hello everyone! This is the sixth edition of my feature series, “Fictional Library of the Month” (see the ones for November, December, January, February, and March) which includes a post of one fictional library every month, prioritizing currently airing shows, but also including older shows. And with that, this post will focus on the High Guardian Academy library in High Guardian Spice.

About the library

The library plays an important role in some episodes, a place where people can study and learn more. It is filled with books and materials, although it is not known how many are within the library itself.

Role in the story

Apart from one episode where characters meet in the library, in the show’s twelfth episode, a villain lights it on fire. While the protagonists put it out at first, they are unable to do so later on as they chase him outside the school grounds. As such, the library is likely very damaged and needs repair after his attack.

Does the library buck stereotypes?

In the sense that it is a place that is well-lit, above-ground, and is used by people, I suppose so. However, unlike many of the other libraries on this site, apart from those in Read or Die / R.O.D. the TV and Mysticons, this library is literally burned and set on fire. So that makes it unique.

Any similarity with libraries in other shows?

It is presumably a magic library, so in that sense, it does have similarities with libraries in series such as Welcome to the Wayne, Hilda, What…If?, Lolirock, and Mysticons, all of which have magic libraries. On the other hand, it is unique in and of itself.

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