Librarians and libraries in Western animation

Below is a list of depictions of libraries and librarians in Western or otherwise non-Japanese animation. To read about Japanese animation, otherwise known as anime, please see this page. I revised this page starting on March 16, 2021, to make it a little like the list put together (which I have contributed to of course) by Jennifer Snoek-Brown on Reel Librarians which lists TV shows. Like her list, this list is arranged alphabetically by series title, but different from it, it only includes librarians and libraries. I also mainly focus on English-language animation, but there is some foreign-language animation, but not anime, as stated earlier. In the future, I may include this page, and my other page, in a master list. That is still something to decide. All of these episodes I have listed here, I have watched at least once, and sometimes more than once! Additionally, I have linked to posts relating to the animated series shown in the below list.

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Abraca (2019)
  • Episode: “The Kiss of the Frog”; Library used by witch.

Show date confirmed by Animation Magazine and IMDB. Show can be watched on France.TV but only in France

Adventure Time (2010-2018)
  • Episode: “The Real You”; The Librarian that appears in this episode is a character named Turtle Princess, not a person of color or White (although voiced by a White man).
  • Episode: “Paper Pete”; Turtle Princess re-appears and the episode centers around the library, interestingly.
  • Episode: “Princess Monster Wife”; Turtle Princess briefly appears, as does the library, where she also lives.
  • Episode: “Betty”; The library of Ice King/Simon Petrov is shown.

“…I decided to look at a few episodes involving libraries in Adventure Time, an animated fantasy series that ended in September 2018. This is a show that has the library as a recurring location…”

Read more at “What time is it?…library time!

“…Another good example is what happens to the Ice King in an episode of Adventure Time. In the episode “Holly Jolly Secrets”, he complains about losing his library card. It was apparently taken away by the Turtle Princess…”

Read more at “Authorized books and restrictions in animation

Adventure Time: Distant Lands (2020-2021)
  • Episode: “Together Again”; The library is being attacked by huge worms and Finn has to fight them off, with the librarian, Turtle Princess, telling them this, and the library is partially destroyed in the process, unfortunately.
American Dad! (2005-Present)
Amphibia (2019-2022)
  • Episode: “Lost in Newtopia”; At the end of the episode, Marcy and the King are in the library (apparently the biggest and most comprehensive one in the kingdom), going through books, trying to find out more about the music box which brought Marcy, Sasha, and Anne to Amphibia. Marcy is frustrated at not finding anything, finds a lever which opens a secret passageway and a secret wing of the library…almost like an archives. A library is also featured briefly in the next episode, “Sprig Gets Schooled”.
  • Episode: “True Colors”; The episode opens with Marcy reading a book titled PSAT Prep for the Soul, and is reminded by Sasha of Anne’s birthday. She sees a book on the ground which is “accidentally” dropped by a librarian, titled Doctor P’s Guide to Magic & Mystery, and she finds something about the Calamity Box, which allows people to travel to other worlds, inside. Marcy gets in a fight with her parents and is so upset that she runs away, using the music box to travel to Amphibia itself, pulling them all in.
  • Episode: “All In”; While controlled by the Core and as a part of Darcy (Dark Marcy), Marcy, in this memoryscape of sorts, visits what looks like a massive library with at least 11 assistants, meeting Aldrich, who welcomes her to the Core’s Inner Sanctum. Marcy wonders where she is, and it all disappears, leading her into a fantasy world which supposedly has everything she ever wanted.

“…Another series, Amphibia, harps on the same themes. At the end of the episode, “Lost in Newtopia,” Marcy and the King are in the library (apparently the biggest and most comprehensive one in the kingdom), going through books…”

Read more at “Information gathering, the power of knowledge, and libraries in animation

Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2000-2015)
  • Episode: “Love Mummy”; The protagonists go to the library to check out a book, a book that is cursed.
  • Episode: “Dumber Days”; In this episode, the protagonists read books in the library.
Archie’s Weird Mysteries (1999-2000)
  • Episode: “The Haunting of Riverdale”; There are two librarians in this episode, one of whom is white, old, and female, manifested in a ghost known as “Quiet Violet” (Violet Stanhope) and another, Mrs. Herrera, who is a middle-aged white woman who recently became the head of the library.
Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005-2008)
  • Episode: “The Siege of the North, Part 2”; Zaho, reveals he exploited the library to learn about spirits, which he almost used to kill the water and moon spirits in the episode. He even destroyed a portion of the collections to prevent anyone from learning about the weaknesses of the Fire Nation.
  • Episode: “The Library”; They spot a knowledge did going into the library and they see it go inside a structure, the library. They meet Wan Shi Tong there, with the Aang promises to not use the knowledge of the library for ill ends after Wan mentions Zuko doing that years earlier. They all give something to Wan for his collections, to prove they are scholars. Sokka boasts that he fooled Wan. Katara, the professor, and Aang seem serious about following the library’s rules but Sokka pockets library materials. They get to where the Fire Nation materials are and they have been destroyed. A fox spirit helps them. Thanks to the stolen materials they learn more about what the Fire Nation did. Wan is not happy, calling out Sokka for using the knowledge for destructive ends. He tries to attack them as he sinks the library into the ground, something Togh detects. Sokka and Aang figure out when the Eclipse will be.
    Aang, Katara, and Sokka were willing to fool Wan the whole time. The professor stays there while Sokka, Katara, and Aang escape. They escape, thanks to Togh, who saves them thanks to her earthbending powers, and the library sinks into the Earth but Appa is captured, as Togh couldn’t focus on two things at once.

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Beavis and Butt-Head (1993-1997)
  • Episode: “Cyber-Butt”; Mr. Van Driessen tells his students at the Highland High School Library about computer safety and avoiding pornographic sites, but Beavis and Butt-Head see it as a way to see free porn, with Stewart helping them, ultimately, with this, even showing them an illegal site; the librarian sees it on their computer and faints, falling to the ground; the Principal criticizes them, saying they have strict rules about accessing computer content at school; Beavis and Butt-Head keep annoying Stewart.
Ben 10: Omniverse (2012-2014)
  • Episode: “Charm School”; Charmcaster breaks into the school library, and fights her uncle, Professor Hex, and later comes back to the library with him as a totem so she can get a specific powerful staff; she fights Lucky Girl/Gwen in the library, and she ultimately wins, with the library becoming her new secret lair, while Charmcaster is sent to another dimension.
Big City Greens (2018-Present)
  • Episode: “Quiet Please”; Scary librarian can’t stand any amount of noise, so this librarian literally abducts people who make noise and bans one person from life from the library (and all librarians in the world) for making a sound.
Billy & Mandy aka The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (2001-2008)
  • Episode:Duck!“; At one point in this episode, Mandy is trying to study in the library, but the duck keeps making fart sounds. The librarian yells at Mandy, asking her if this is how she behaves, and Mandy responds that walking up to someone, while they are trying to work, and yelling “does seem kind rude”. The librarian says she doesn’t tolerate “such behavior” in “her” library. Mandy says that is the librarian’s problem, not her problem. The librarian persists, saying she will not stand for this, steam starts coming out of her nostrils, and Mandy tells her to have her meltdown somewhere else, saying she has a report due the next day about the history of corn, and saying the librarian is distracting. She is then brought to the principal’s office, Principal Good Vibes, but he can’t say anything because of the duck. Later, the duck does a farting sound over the intercom, and she talks down the duck, causing it to disappear.
Bluey (2018-Present)
  • Episode: “Library”; Bluey plays the game of “library” with her friends, where she is the “library lady” with a mock library set-up across the room! Bluey even hands out a fake library card and tells her friend, Muffin, to keep quiet while looking at the books, but she misbehaves in the library, later checking out all the books (and just being plain annoying) being a very bad patron indeed. Her dad intervenes and reminds her to follow the same rules as everyone else, so she returns all her books and everything goes smoothly.
Bob’s Burgers (2011-Present)
  • Episode: “Y Tu Tina También”; Tina is forced to listen to Spanish audio lessons in the library to improve her grade, where she develops an unexpected crush.
  • Episode: “Y Tu Ga-Ga Tina Tambien”; there is also a scene where a character criticizes Linda for her “hurtful stereotype” of a librarian, saying that not all librarians want to “shake their hair out”; Linda later goes to the local library for storytime, and has a routine, taking on the “wizard” (Frank) who came for a reading, leading them both to compete. They decide, in the end, that this competition is silly, and Tina leaves as one of the parents called the police but not the librarian.
Bravest Warriors (2012-2018) [Web series]
  • Episode: “Merewif Tag”; Short scene with library
  • Episode: “Nothin’ Stays the Same”; Beth asks the ship for “library retrieval mode,” looks at everything about “negotiating peace treaties with hostile aliens”; Beth keeps going back to the library to get more information so she can defeat the monster
  • Episode: “War Without Tears”; Danny uses the holo library to learn about free will; he later comes to the conclusion that free will doesn’t exist but people’s feelings do…the entities occupying the bodies of Chris, Beth, and Wallow depart, going to another universe when they learn about friendship.

“…in one episode of Bravest Warriors, “Merewif Tag,” Plum, a “bravest warrior, transforms into Chris and declares that learning is not just for women…In the process, she goes to a community library in this new form”

Read more at “Genderbending in ‘Bravest Warriors’ and the library

“…Let’s start with Bravest Warriors, since libraries come up in three episodes, with the first one a physical library…[in] the episode “Nothin’ Stays the Same.”…Beth keeps going back to the library to get more information so she can defeat the monster…And Beth is successful! Go libraries!”

Read more at “Digital libraries, virtual libraries, and libraries…in space?

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Carl Squared aka Carl² (2005-2011)
  • Episode: “Carl’s Techno Jinx”; Librarian threatens Carl for not returning one book to the library, saying the whole apparatus of the library will come down upon him if he doesn’t return it.
Carmen Sandiego (2019-2021)
  • Episode: “Becoming Carmen Sandiego Part I”; Carm and her-then school friends meet in the crime school library on VILE Island, and decide on their code names.
  • Episode: “Becoming Carmen Sandiego Part II”; Short scene in the crime school library when Carmen is studying. She later runs through a library, finding the trademark hat and trenchcoat that Cookie Booker wore, using it to escape.

“…the library appears in the first two episodes of season 1, as Carmen and her friends are studying at the library and trying to decide their code names in the crime school on VILE Island.”

Read more at “Libraries in the world of Carmen Sandiego

China, IL (2011-2015)
  • Episode: “Chinese New Year”; Steve goes to the library, as does Frank, with Steve trying to master every subject. An unnamed White woman is shown as a librarian in the episode. Pony is also there and helps him master every subject.
  • Episode: “Charlize”; Pony Merks remains the only person not affected by a virus, limping and making her way, eventually, to the library, where she sleeps, counts down the days, and uses it as her base of survival, killing animals which she can eat, which she does carefully. She also reads about patient zero of the this virus, in order to figure out what is causing it to spread. Reading through the file, she thinks she finds the cause. In the process, she meets another of the survivors, her friend Leonard. It turns out, later, to be all part of a magic ritual gone wrong. She uses Leonard as part of a sacrifice to get the curse to be lifted, to end the plague once and for all. In the end, no one believes her.
City of Ghosts (2021)
  • Episode: “Sort of Japanese Restaurant”; Ghost club meets at Los Angeles Public Library, with a coffee shop, and the group meets under the table as they discuss how to find the ghosts.
  • Episode: “Leimert Park”; Eva meets with the ghost club, under a table, again, at the library, and they think that they have a ghost in Leimert Park which is musical.
  • Episode: “Bob & Nancy”; They travel to the library where the ghost club talks to Nancy and are excited to meet her; a library person shushes them and tells them to be quiet. Why was that needed, though?
Cleopatra in Space (2019-2021)
  • Episode: “Clubbing”; Khensu acts like a librarian and is a cat, so not technically a person of color, even though Khensu is voiced by a man who is half-Indian, half-British.
  • Episode: “Akila Says No”; Akila studies in a library, where Cleo and Brian meet her. There is also a possible mention of a library in “My Best Friend Mihos”.

“…While Octavian has destroyed most of the recorded knowledge available in the galaxy, Cleo’s school library still contains vital information. In the show’s third episode, Cleo travels to the school library after hours…”

Read more at “These Animated Shows Defy Library Stereotypes

Colonel Bleep (1957-1960)
  • Episode: “Scratch and the Sea Serpent”; In this 1958 episode, Little Squeak, in his library, dusting the shelves “filled with many magic books,” with pictures that move, and Colonel Bleep save a caveman, Scratch, from the inside of a sea serpent.
  • Episode: “The Falling Star”; In this 1959 episode, Squeak stays behind to tidy up the library of his cottage on Zero Zero Island, and finds a trunk filled with souvenirs of his days on the stage, with the villain tricking him by staging a fake show on his ship.
Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999-2002)
  • Episode: “Wrath of the Librarian”; Librarian threatens Courage and makes him pay an exorbitant fine for having an overdue library book, a fine which keeps increasing.
Craig of the Creek (2018-Present)
  • Episode: “The Final Book”; In this episode, Kelsey, Craig, and J.P. to the local public library (Herkleton Public Library) to get a book so she can finish a fantasy series she has been reading. They meet Stacks, also known as Isabella Alvarado, a Latina girl who hangs out in the back part of the library stacks. They learn that Stacks had the book Kelsey was looking for. A librarian named Harold also makes an appearance in the episode.
  • Episode: “Secret Book Club”; Stacks, who works in a hidden nook of the public library, tells Kelsey she has to make a book interesting to kids so they will read it and not see the reading as a chore. This is after she complains that no one is reading the book she is interested in and thinks is really great. The episode also features a fictional pudding library in the book they are reading and Kelsey revealing they have a secret book club so library property isn’t damaged by paintballs. As it turns out, the head of the 7th graders who want to paintballs stuff loves the book and later joins the book club, with everyone loving the book.
  • Episode: “Kelsey the Author”; Kelsey reads to Craig, JP, and Stacks in the library, from her book. Stacks gives high praise to the book and they come up with plans to make more copies of it. Later the librarian, Harold checks out the book they make and put a barcode on. Stacks is excited. When Kelsey hears the other kids trash her book in the library, it deeply affects her. They have to sneak past Harold to get Kelsey’s book back. She gets caught and Harold says they have violated various library rules with “counterfeit books”. Kelsey finds out that Stacks has been making counterfeit books too. The librarian is convinced to create a section by kids, for kids, in the library called “Young Author’s Collection” instead of cutting up their library cards.
  • Episode: “The Haunted Dollhouse”; Stacks leads Kelsey, JP, and Craig into the library’s reference section to learn more about a haunted dollhouse which is freaking them out beyond belief. They look through microfilm of an old newspaper and find out about the dollhouse. This helps them later in the episode.
  • Episode: “Ferret Quest”; They go the library and ask Stacks for information about a wild animal in the creek, which Stacks identifies as a ferret. Wildernessa calls the library a “graveyard of trees”. Kelsey is surprised that Stacks wants to go with her because she called Stacks a “library kid”, and Kelsey goes with them, while Craig is annoyed. Later, Kelsey calls Stacks precious to her, and Stacks says the same.
  • Episode: “The Last Game of Summer”; Kelsey, Craig, and JP talk to Stacks, who has read old game manuals. They follow these to clues, which leads them to sewer, and gives them the capture the flag pendants from the game, which one of the previous kids of the creek had left there.
  • Episode: “Welcome to Creek Street”; We see Kelsey’s snow library, which is located inside a snow fort she made, which has various “copies” of all her favorite books.
  • Episode: “Capture the Flag Part 4: The Plan”; Fissures are growing between Maya and Xavier. They meet in the library with the other kids, like Wren, Wildernessa, Stacks, Kelsey, JP, and others, telling them he challenged Xavier to a game of Capture the Flag. Jason comes in and gives them secret info of Where the King’s forces will be hiding their flag.
  • Episode: “The Legend of the Library”; Whole Creek comes to library which is a mess, with Harold the librarian as being sick. Kelsey is horrified. Stacks tells them the story of a scorned librarian, who cast misbehaving children into the Creek when thousands of books were ruined. The power in the library goes out and people keep disappearing. Eventually Craig and Stacks are the only two left, with Stacks saying books and library preserve stories from long past, saying she wants to be a person to takes care of these stories. It turns out that Lorraine Murillo (Carla Tassara) is just a substitute librarian there for Herold who is giving kids stickers to clean up the library. It is implied that she might be part ghost at the end of the episode.
  • Episode: “Fire and Ice”; Stacks and Kelsey are hanging out in the library, writing a story together. They share it at a secret book club but Kelsey is embarrassed when it turns out that she is a self-insert in the story which is an analogy for her feelings for Stacks. Kat, the girlfriend of JP’s sister, gives Stacks the inspiration she needs to finish the story. Later, Stacks and Kelsey admit their feelings for one another at a secret book club.

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Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (2012-Present)
  • Episode: “Sharing at the Library”; Daniel Tiger visits the library (the first time it appears in the series) which has a tree outside with books hanging on it. The librarian, X, is voiced by Tony Daniels. Daniel talks to his friend, O, and picks out a book from the library.
  • Episode: “Class Trip to the Library”; Class travels to the library on a field trip, one character (their aunt is the librarian, as their Uncle, X) says they love the library because they love books; they are going to travel to the library on a trolley but walk there instead. The kids are disappointed they can’t go to the library because the shelves inside are under construction; the episode ends with a scene of actual people in a library.
  • Episode: “Wow at the Library”; Daniel talks in a hushed voice to pick out a book for storytime, talking to his friend O, and another friend, with X reading a story to them. The have a puppet show in the library, again.
DC Super Hero Girls (2019-2022)
  • Episode: “#SoulSisters Part 2”; Librarian kicks out protagonist (Diana Prince) and “friend” for destroying stacks.
  • Episode: “#MeetTheCheetah”; Green Lantern, a hero of the library, attacked in the library by a villain.
  • Episode: “#LivingTheNightmare”; Jessica has a nightmare with a library collapsing in on itself, with books flying around her, telling her she is weak and useless.
  • Episode: “#ItsComplicated”; Jessica is studying in the library and is confronted by Carol Ferris who asks for help in asking Hal Jordan to back off and not pursue her as a girlfriend.
  • Episode: “#AmBatgirl Part 1”; Barbara Gordon “Babs” / Batgirl works with Batman to try and stop the Riddler from stealing a precious book from the antiquities section of the Metropolis Public Library at night. She and Batman are almost successful until Robin arrives and ruins it, allowing the Riddler to escape.
  • Episode: “#WorldsFinest”; Supergirl reads her book “No you’re a jerk” at the public library in hopes of changing people’s public image of her. Batgirl shakes her head at this shameless display while people stand up and applaud.
  • Episode: “#DetentionClub”; Kara, Zee, Garth Bernstein, Hal Jordan, and Pamela Isley are all in detention at the Metopolis High School Library for detention one Saturday. Hal and Pam are caught and have to go back to the library, and later Kara, Zee, Garth, Hal, and Pam all work together, then the Principal returns and says they don’t have to be there for detention the following week, leading them to leave the library.

“…I’d like to highlight an episode of DC Super Hero Girls, the 2019 reboot of a series in the earlier 2010s, titled “#SoulSisters Part 2″ (s1ep25), that extensively focuses on libraries. This goes far beyond another scene in the same show…”

Read more at “A curmudgeon librarian and superheroes in the library

“…another episode of DC Super Hero Girls, with an episode, “#MeetTheCheetah,” which has a scene in a library….Green Lantern, chases the villain, who has transformed into a cheetah, through a spooky library. The first image the audience sees of the library is a place with typical signs…

Read more at “DC Super Hero Girls and Green Lantern’s fight in the library

Dead End: Paranormal Park (2022-Present)
  • Episode: “The Other Side”; Badyah goes to the library room to find out if she can find Barney there but he, and three of the other ghosts end up scaring her (In an attempt to communicate with her) so much that she drops her headphones and runs away.
  • Episode: “The Watcher’s Test”; Badyah hosts an activity with Pauline (in the body of one of her dolls), in the library room, with Pauline giving rules about what she will and won’t talk about.
Dexter’s Laboratory (1996-2003)
  • Episode: “Book ‘Em”; Dexter has a book that was not returned to the library, so he breaks in an attempt to return it, and is caught in the act by library sensors, which detect a high noise level.
  • Episode: “Blonde Leading the Blonde”; Dexter is helped by an unnamed librarian during the episode.
Disenchantment (2018-Present)
Doc McStuffins (2012-2020)
  • Episode: “CeCe’s First Bath”; A character looks in the hospital library for something that will help CeCe so she can take a bath, even using a slide-ladder to try and find the write book to bring her; they find the right book in the library, which allows them to give CeCe a bath so she stops crying.
Doug Unplugs (2020-Present)
  • Episode: “Volunteer Bot”; People are asking for volunteers to fix up an old library and the volunteer bot takes one. Later, Doug comes to the library to volunteer, as does Emma Pine, his human friend, a Black girl. They are greeted by two women, Kath (voiced by Danielle Pinnock) and Barb (voiced by Carmella Riley), with one saying they won’t be doing work because it will take a while to fix up the whole place. The librarians tell them they put jelly on the floor because they thought it was purple paint. Later, they call mop bot, who cleans the jelly off the floor, and Doug later says it would be easier to find the books if they were sorted, sorting them by color. Then, they sort them by size, and Doug calls his dad, saying they sort the books by subject. Thanks to this, Emma easily finds the book about elephants. They do what they can to fix up the library, calling extra bots if needed, giving all the bots different duties. The librarians give Doug and Emma a round of applause for volunteering. Emma says the library is all fixed because “they got everyone to pitch in” while Doug says he learned he could help by “asking others to help”. Doug then has everyone who helped at the library help sort the rebooted items to help his dad.
Dora the Explorer (2000-2019)
DuckTales (2017-2021)
  • Episode: “The Last Adventure!”; The Library of Alexandria first appears in the series. Webby arrives there and is led to the library, controlled by the villains. Later, other characters try and rescue them, and there are battles throughout the library itself.
Duncanville (2020-2022)
  • Episode: “Classless President”; Duncan becomes school president and one of his acts is to make it so that in order to check out a library book you have to engage in a John Wick-style fight. One male student is seen, in a scene, crashing out of the library, complaining he got Two Towers instead of Return of the King, going back into the library to continue the fight. In another scene, people are fighting in the library with books.

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Ed, Edd n Eddy (1999-2008)
  • Episode: “Tinker Ed”; Two students are studying in the school library and are annoyed when one girl is reading aloud a story to a little kid, and even when one kid tells her to pipe down, so she increases her volume to be more annoying. Eventually, the kid throws a book at the little kid and tells him that fairytales aren’t real, and later on the other students sneaks out of the library with a…bag of baloney.
Elena of Avalor (2016-2020)
  • Episode: “First Day of Rule”; Mateo, a wizard, helps Elena and Naomi, climbs a ladder in his personal basement library, and finds a book on magical creatures in the kingdom which he shows them, finding out that magical shapeshifters kidnapped Elena’s younger sister, Isabel; the library has books and other materials which he has gathered and kept there.
  • Episode: “Island of Youth”; Esteban goes to the library to lament that “no one” remembers his birthday, even though Elena and the others are throwing him a surprise party. His loyal guard, Higgens does remember, however, cheering him up, telling him that no one forgot his library (which is true).
  • Episode: “Spellbound”; Mateo paces around the library, worrying about the spell he has to cast to be a royal wizard; Elena and Naomi try to calm down Mateo, but he freaks out more; they later return to the library to solve a riddle, with a secret passageway through the painting unlocked; they also fight the wizard, sort of, in the library.
  • Episode: “My Fair Naomi”; Naomi is tutored by Esteban in “what to say” at her big birthday ceremony and admonished for not saying it “right,” which includes a scene in the upper floor of the royal library, where a mirror is present.
  • Episode: “Spirit Monkey Business”; Esteban is reading a book in the library about how to get a helmet off someone’s head. He is, later, interrupted by Elena, when Bobo is there.
  • Episode: “Wizard-in-Training”; Mateo’s wizard apprentice causes an explosion in a wall and dust comes into the library; the water spirit damages Mateo’s library too.
  • Episode: “Realm of the Jaquins”; In Elena’s song in the episode, the library is briefly shown.
  • Episode: “Blockheads”; Isa plays chess with herself during part of the episode and looks at a book about the fire opal in the library later, unaware they touched the opal earlier.
  • Episode: “Three Jaquins and a Princess”; Mateo is going through the library to chase a Jaquin which has become too large.
  • Episode: “Science Unfair”; Carla (as Rita) looks through the library at the palace to try and find a weak link into the royal treasury so she can steal the crown, and she thinks that Mateo is a “weak link” to get inside.
  • Episode: “Rise of the Sorceress”; Carla (as Rita) goes through the library, trying to find Mateo, but is unable to do so, and comes across Naomi, who is looking for her. She later goes back into the library, after taking the key, and is able to get into Mateo’s workshop, getting the reversal potion.
  • Episode: “Shapeshifters”; There are scenes of Elena, Mateo, and Gabe in the royal library, with Elena able to convince Gabe to come with her.
  • Episode: “Snow Place Like Home”; A brief scene in the library, with the door to Mateo’s workshop/room shown as he tries to figure out the right spell.
  • Episode: “Movin’ On Up”; Mateo looks at spellbooks while sitting in the royal library, and the episode’s song happens in the library.
  • Episode: “Norberg Peace Prize”: Isa and Naomi help Elena look for books about mediation and compromise at the royal library in the palace. This includes books like Mediation Do’s, Don’ts, and Don’t Even Think About It, and Esteban comes to try and help out, giving Elena the book of her father on his diplomatic travels, and apologize for inviting King Hector to the feast of friendship in the previous episode.
  • Episode: “Spirit of a Wizard”; Mateo, Flo, and Elena visit a secret library (biblioteca) under the quarters of the royal wizard in the royal palace. The library is filled with thousands, upon thousands, of books on various spells. When they climb up the stairs, the entrance to the library closes once and for all. Mateo, Elena, and Flo visit the library at the end of the episode, with Mateo commenting that every master level spell is there in the library below his room.
  • Episode: “Crash Course”: Mateo, Gabe, Naomi, Dona Poloma, and Elena visit the secret library to find more spells to teach some of the Avaloran Royal Guards. Mateo reads through books to figure out how to create more tamboritas.
  • Episode: “Coronation Day”; Elena comes to the secret library with Mateo, where Ixlan, Naomi, Isa, and Gabe are waiting. Mateo says he has found a spell which gets them past the cloaking spell Ash has, allowing them to see their location. They also visit Mateo’s basement library as a place to hide out.

“… I was pleasantly surprised to see the first episode of the series featured a library…Mateo de Alva, a wizard, helps Elena and Naomi, climb a ladder in his personal basement library, and finds a book on magical creatures in the kingdom which he shows them…”

Read more at “Hilda, hidden information, and research in a library

Ever After High (2013-2016)
  • Episode: Ever After High, “True Hearts Day – Part 1“; Dexter Charming meets Cupid in the library, with the librarians, which have weird hair dues, annoyed with her. One of the librarians is shown typing on a computer, the screen of which is an oval, and the other is shelving books. One of the librarians stamps their fist on the table, declaring “quiet in the library!” Dexter and Cupid talk about the librarians, with Cupid saying they are “so wicked” and Dexter saying they made him catalog the whole forbidden book section. Following these, both librarians shush them, and make it clear they are watching them. After Dexter shows Cupid a book about the history of true hearts day, the librarians pop out of nowhere and separate them, showing their scariness. IAn a later scene, Dexter is shushed again, as is everyone in the library room, because of Cupid’s announcement about a dance.
  • Episode: Thronecoming“; The librarians, in a vision, chasing the girl protagonists, while riding on dragons and cackling evilly, scaring Raven, terrifying her as to what might happen.
  • Episode: “Way Too Wonderland”; The librarians reprimand Bunny, Alistair, and Dexter, and shush another student who is talking on the phone. Earlier this special, these characters, and others, were looking for books about Wonderland, including going through some heavy books, with Raven looking at a book which shows her mother, the evil queen.
  • Episode: “Dragon Games“; Raven is reprimanded when she talks about something related to her mother. The librarians are turned into snails by Faybelle Thorn, who declares “Cool. And I thought you guys were slimy before!” Even in this animal form, they do not fail to reprimand other people.

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Freak Brothers (2021-2022)
  • Episode: “Gender Non-Binary”; Franklin and one of the women from Gretchen’s book club have sex in the public library. As a result, it causes a bookstack to fall over, shocking one of the patrons with their loud sex.
Fudêncio e Seus Amigos (2005-2011)
  • Episode: “Biblioteca Maldita”; In this episode of this Brazilian animated series, the protagonist and their friends go to the library and there is a skeleton librarian Mumm-Ra behind the desk who seems a little evil, while they just want to read some books and visit the library. Mumm-Ra even turns into a warrior for some reason, leaving them in the library, unsupervised; each of them finds books they want to check out in the library; later, one character kills something in the library, and it turns out that the librarian was sleeping the whole time, and they quickly leave. This library reappears in other episodes.
Futurama (1999-2013)

“…Fry fights against the giant brain declaring that a “little knowledge is a dangerous thing,” throwing a book at it. After this doesn’t work, he fumbles through books in the room to make him think”

Read more at “The Brain Spawn and the importance of the public library

RELATED: “…In the “Mars University” episode of Futurama…which has…been terraformed and has a typical college campus called Mars University. Before the episode becomes an homage/parody to Animal House, there is a scene where Professor Farnsworth tells Leela, Fry, and Bender about the Wong Library, adding that it has “the largest collection of literature in the Western universe.”

Read more at “The hilarious library joke in Futurama

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Glitch Techs (2020)
  • Episode: “Castle Crawl”; High-Five and Miko are thrown into a disorganized library while fighting a glitch that turned a house into a game, while some skeltones use the book to turn into monsters.

“…In the new series, Glitch Techs, which is, admittedly, a bit of an acquired taste. In the episode “Castle Crawl,” High-Five (Five) and Miko, the show’s protagonists, are thrown into a disorganized library…”

Read more at “Digital libraries, virtual libraries, and libraries…in space?

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Handy Manny (2000-2015)
  • Episode: “Love Mummy”; The protagonists help Marion the Librarian, who is voiced by Susan Blu, by un-jamming a library turnstile at the Sheet Rock Hills Library; she later says there is “something for everyone” at the library, and all is back to normal.
  • Episode: “Story Hour”; Marion is at the library, helping with story hour before power to the library is knocked out by a storm.
Happy Tree Friends (1999-2016)
  • Episode: “Random Acts of Silence”; Flippy (then voiced by Kenn Navarro), in this episode, acts as the librarian, stamping books, shushing people, taking away a chair from a patron, annoyed when a patron is making a lot of noise, and sharpens a pencil for that patron; finally the amount of noises pisses him off so much that he literally starts killing patrons in the most cruel ways possible like pencils through the eyes, with a pencil sharpener, with paper, a sword; and yet he still checks out a book to a patron, and, shushes the viewer at the end.
Helluva Boss (2020-Present)
  • Episode: “The Circus”; Stolas and Blitzo spend time in the library, in the family home of Stolas, together as little kids. Blitzo convinces Stolas to have fun with him, so he can take all the treasures. 25 years later, in the present, we see Stolas in the library, looking at the spellbook. Later in the episode, Blitzo and Stolas are in the library in Stolas room again. Then, in a song by Stolas, we see the library again.
High Guardian Spice (2021)
  • Episode: “Transformations”; Rosemary meets Professor Caraway in his library study, where he explains how he was friends with Rose’s mom, Lavender. He also reveals he is transgender and
    that he takes something akin to hormone replacement therapy. He also tells a story of he and Lavender fought a beast and asks Rose to choose a discipline.
  • Episode: “A Lost Cause”; Rose and Parsley research in the library about a special ax. Snapdragon is also there as part of their group and causes tensions, especially with Rose.
  • Episode: “Attack on High Guardian Academy”; Mandrake burns the library at the academy and the girls get inside and books are burning. Mandrake, Olive the catgirl, and the girls proceed to fight each other inside the library.
Hilda (2018-Present)
  • Episode: “The Nightmare Spirit”; Brown/purple-haired librarian throws down a book to them, Tales of the Marra, which happens to be the one they need; they remark it is the librarian’s job to find them the books they need.
  • Episode: “The Lost Clan”; They travel to the library; Elfie calls the library “a forest for the imagination” while Frida calls research “the greatest adventure of them all”; Alfie goes through a card catalog and finds the entry for Lind worms; Alfie says he “loves a good subject-based classification system”.
  • Episode: “The Tide Mice”; Hilda travels to the library, encounters Brown/purple-haired librarian which has a special collections in the library who tells her it is a reference book that is not circulated; she doesn’t care, takes the book anyway, copies a page of the book on the photocopier; this later backfires, so she, Frida, and Alfie travel to the library, looking through the footnotes and other pages to stop the tide mice from taking over her mum and David. They are ultimately successful.
  • Episode: “The Ghost”; Hilda, David, and Frida travel to the library to get information on ghosts, the same librarian helps them, now doing more librarian-related duties (pushing carts, shelving books, etc.), she gives Hilda a stick and book which will allow her to raise the dead from the grave, says it is acceptable if she is helping her friend.
  • Episode: “Chapter 3: The Witch”; Hilda and Frida visit the library and the librarian is nowhere to be found. They follow a series of rooms off the special collections room to finally reach the Librarian, who turns out to be a witch. Later, this characters help her find a missing book.
  • Episode: “Chapter 11: The Jorts Incident”; In this episode, Hilda, David, and Frida return to the library, visit the Committee of Three (witches), and get the assistance of Kaisa, the librarian, in stopping the Tide Mice from taking over, and controlling people.

“…Two years ago, the animated series Hilda premiered on Netflix, and a minor character called “The Librarian”…quickly became a fan sensation. Although she only appears in about three minutes of the show’s first season, this feisty librarian has been mentioned in 20 fanfiction stories…She has also been a subject of a lot of chatter among the fanbase, from Twitter to Reddit…”

Read more at “A Mysterious Librarian is the Breakout Star of Netflix’s Hilda

“…The show’s first season introduced one of the most intriguing librarian characters in recent TV memory, and this newest batch of episodes brings even more screen time to the fan-favorite role. Hilda continues to show the value of libraries and librarians…

Read more at “The Mysterious Librarian in Netflix’s ‘Hilda’ Finally Gets a Name

“… in an episode of Hilda, “The Witch.” An old library slip is shown, which lists those who previously read the book…”

Read more at “Hilda, hidden information, and research in a library

Horrid Henry (2006-2019)

The school library also appears in other episodes like “Horrid Henry and the Gross Question”, “Horrid Henry’s Underpants”, “Horrid Henry Meets B.B. Silver”, “Horrid Henry and the Big Dig”, and “Horrid Henry and the Scary Scooter”, although watching these episodes is currently not possible, unfortunately.

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I have not watched any shows that begin with the letter I, which have a librarian or library as of yet


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Juniper Lee aka The Life and Times of Juniper Lee (2005-2007)

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Kaeloo (2010-Present)
  • Episode: “Let’s Play at Reading Books”; A library forms around the show’s protagonists (Stumpy and Quack-Quack), thanks to Kaleoo, and they play at “reading books.”
  • Episode: “Let’s Play Replicating”; The clones of Stumpy, a squirrel and series protagonist, are reading books in a library.
  • Episode: “Let’s Play at Reading Books”; Kaeloo is shelving books, getting some for her friends, including the Harry Rotter series, a spoof of the Harry Potter series, even directing her friend to another part of the library.
Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil (2010-2012)
  • Episode: “If Books Could Kill”; Kick goes to the library to get back a book accidentally dropped in the book slot and the librarian won’t let him get it back, so he breaks into the library.
  • Episode: “Shh!”; Kick, begrudgingly, goes back to the library, but his animal ends up destroying the library altogether.
Kiff (2023-Present)
  • Episode:Career Day“;  As part of their temporary jobs at city hall, Kiff and Barry remove a honeycomb from a library, with the unnamed giraffe-librarian shushing them.
  • Episode:The Five Pigeons of the Acapellapocalypse“; Kiff and Barry go to the library, learning that there are five pigeons, each with a different personality, while looking on a library computer. Kiff wildly declare they “have to” get all five pigeons.
  • Episode:Club Book“; Kiff and her friends read for a book club in the library, with Kiff shushed by unnamed giraffe librarian. After Kiff is loud, the giraffe tells him that they always though she had the potential to become a librarian, which Kiff is angry at, as she doesn’t want to be “a shusher”, but says the library is not a place to be loud and passionate. The librarian tells him there are “quieter ways” to “experience” a book, with the librarian showing her how to be silently passionate. Later, Kiff makes the library a place where you can be as loud as you want, but finds out that the quiet creates a place to concentrate and read without distraction. She works with the librarian Miss Mouffle, and the quietness returns.
Kim Possible (2002-2007)
  • Episode: “Crush”; Ron tries to ask girls out to the dance, including asking a girl at the library, but he is unsuccessful.
  • Episode: “Triple S”; Kim and Ron spend time in the library, with Ron concluding that girls dig guys who play sports. It is a very short library scene and they never return to the book.
  • Episode: “Steal Wheels”; Short scene in library where Felix helps Ron get a book, while Kim continues to be jealous of the friendship Felix and Ron have.
  • Episode: “Overdue”; Unnamed librarian forces Kim to re-shelve books at the library after not returning a book. The library is organized using her classification system which is seemingly based on the Dewey Decimal System.
  • Episode: “Clothes Minded”; In one scene, Kim and Ron are in the library, reading books about college, followed by them working on their college applications.
King of the Hill (1997-2009)
  • Episode: “Ho Yeah!”; Tammi and Peggy go into the library in risque outfits. Later in the episode, Hank confronts Tammi in the library and outs her as a prostitute to everyone.
  • Episode: “Of Mice and Little Green Men”; Library reappears in this episode since Bobby does a local performance of John Steinback’s novel, Of Mice and Men, there.

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LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (2011-Present)
Little Demon (2022-Present)
  • Episode: “Possession Obsession”; In one scene within this episode, Chrissy Feinberg possesses a Black librarian at her school’s library, who is talking to another teacher, Sharon, and has her drive around town, as part of her attempt to do good with her possession powers. Someone later possesses her body which is sitting in the library, so she is now stuck.
  • Episode: “Popularity: Origin of Evil”; Laura goes to the school library to learn more about Slimm Timm. She is helped by a fellow student who tells her where Chrissy is.
  • Episode: “Night of the Leeches”; Laura goes to a PTA meeting at the school library, with the leeches continuing to drain her anger.
LoliRock (2014-2017)
  • Episode: “Smart”; The girls visit the library to look at spells.
  • Episode: “Spellbound”; The princesses go to the library to try and find a spellbook.
  • Episode: “Sing For Me”; Talia finds an answer at the library, looks through some books with the girls.
  • Episode: “Wicked Red”; The girls visit the library to find the right spell to reverse the condition of Ariana.
  • Episode: “Blurred Vision”; The girls visit the library; Iris sees a false vision there.
  • Episode: “Princess Brenda Part I”; The girls visit the library to help out Brenda.
  • Episode: “Princess Brenda Part II”; The girls visit the library again to help Brenda, again.
  • Episode: “Amaru-niverse”; Clarissa does research in the magical library; books are mis-shelved.
  • Episode: “Rex”; Evil-controlled robot suggests they go to the library and they bring him there; he brings in Prax and Mephisto for a sneak attack; Auriana looks through books to find the answers.
  • Episode: “Lori-Lime Sublime”; Prax and Mephisto break into the library, steal a book, the characters fight in library and nearby arena.
  • Episode: “Truth Be Told”; Iris visits Auriana and Talia in the library to find out about the mystery fighter.
  • Episode: “Stop in the Name of Lev Part II”; Iris, Auriana, and Talia go to the library to find out the truth behind a mysterious message sent to Iris.
  • Episode: “Forget You!”; Prax is brought to the library, can’t remember who she is.
  • Episode: “Crowning Glory: Part I”; Mephisto steals an enchanted book from the magical library for his own uses.
  • Episode: “Crowning Glory: Part II”; Iris, Thalia, and Auriana meet in the library, transporting from there to Ophedia.

“…In early October of last year, I noted that LoliRock has more libraries than any other animation I had seen to date. That is still true! In this episode, I’d like to go through all of those episodes, explaining the importance of the library in each episode…

Read more at “Libraries in the world of LoliRock

Loyalty High (2021)
  • Episode:Episode 3“; Penne and Hue work at an English project together at the library.

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Madagascar: A Little Wild (2020-2022)
  • Episode: “Melman at the Movies”; Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, and Gloria the Hippo go inside the library to the pop-up books section, enjoying the pop-up books. Melman the Giraffe finally joins his friends inside, after it starts raining. Melvin finds a book with the ending to the film, but none of them know how to read. The librarian, Millie, announces that storytime starts in 15 minutes in the reading room. They have a plan to replace the book she is going to read with another one so they can know the end to the story, using the slide ladder in hopes  of getting behind the librarian’s desk to change the book before she returns. One of the elderly patrons thinks he hears something, then goes back to reading his book. Melvin tries a distraction but it doesn’t work, then she shushes. They are unable to pull off the book swap in the end. But, Melman is happy nonetheless and sings a song. His actions cause the book to drop from the shelf, with the librarian shrugging as storytime begins. They are pleased with hearing the end of the book.
Martin Mystery (2003-2006)
  • Episode: “Return of the Dark Druid”; Librarian annoyed when Martin sings so loud he causes glass to break, which includes a part of her glasses.
  • Episode:  “The Warlock Returns”; Librarian tries to help Martin and later gets angry at him, rightly so, for breaking into the basement of the library without permission.
Masters of the Universe: Revelation (2021)
  • Episode: “Land of the Dead”; Orko and Evil-Lyn peruse the magical library while in Subternia, sent there when they entered this realm. The books are dusty and have cobwebs on them, making clear they haven’t been touched in some time. They fight a monster in the library.
Megas XLR (2004-2005)
  • Episode: “Buggin’ the System”; The protagonists travel to a planetary system/data center/library/archives, and fight a bunch of space worms in the process.
Milo Murphy’s Law (2016-2019)
  • Episode: “Time Out”; Library/study shown in this episode, briefly, with Cavendish and Dakota following other agents there, but still stuck with pistachio duty. 
  • Episode: “The Math Book”; Milo, Melissa, and Zack enter the library, with Melissa remarking “It’s like the Internet, but on paper,” and Milo causes a secret passageway out of the library to be revealed, somehow.
  • Episode: “Missing Milo”; Milo, Dakota, and Cavendish travel to the future and consult a library for help in finding out how pistachios came to take over the world and rule over humanity. Unfortunately, these pistachios later attack them in the library.
  • Episode: “Backward to School Night”; Melissa reads to her mom, Milo’s dad, and Zack’s mom, who have turned into little kids, in the school library, for storytime. Later, these little kids end up causing the library shelves to collapse.
  • Episode: “Picture Day”; Milo tries to get a school picture, starting with Amanda trying to take his picture in the library, and other places across town.
Mira, Royal Detective (2020-2022)
  • Episode: “Mystery Below the Palace”; Mira goes to a library in the royal palace to find out where a stomping sound is coming from. She catches books (and re-shelves them) that fall off the shelf as the room shakes, and she works to solve more of the mystery.
  • Episode: “Mystery of the Secret Room”; Prince Neel falls into a secret room off the library in the royal palace; they all fall into that secret room (which ends up being the secret room of Detective Gupta, the royal detective before Mira) and continue exploring it.
  • Episode: “The Case of the Mysterious Girl”; Secret disguises in a closet that Mira has access to, off a room of the library, are shown.
  • Episode: “The Case of the Missing Library Book”; Mira can arguably be considered a librarian; Mira brings a mobile library to town, there is a song about it, they do some library duties, and go on the case of finding a missing library book.
  • Episode: “The Case of the Fake Painting”; Prince Neel brings Priya, Mira, Chikku, and Mikku to the library for a sneak peek at the painting, but it is fake, beginning an investigation to find the real painting. As such, they spend time in the library, and find that the real painting was moved up to the library for the tour. Later they chase the tour guides through the library to get the painting and the real painting is shown off in the library for all to see.
  • Episode: “The Case of the Lost Puppy”; Mikku and Chikku help Mira return books to the mobile library in Jalpur. They meet a puppy there, beginning their case to find its owner, so they can return it, looking for clues starting at the mobile library.
  • Episode: Mystery At The Sweet Sale; Mira and others participate in a bake sale to raise money for the mobile library, so they can buy more materials, with more sweets they sell, more ability to fill empty shelves of the library. They find out that Dimple stole the sweets as she wanted them for her tea party and Mira convinces her to give them the sweets back, noting that sales will buy books for the library, with Dimple glad to hear this because she likes sweets. With the help of Dimple and Chotu, all the sweets sell out, and now the library can buy more books! Since no one wins the sale, everyone gets to enjoy kulfi, with Mira saying parties are always better with friends.
  • Episode: The Case of the Secret Code; There’s a short library scene with Mira, Queen Shanti, and Detective Gupta going through the library while Shanti and Gupta sing to Mira about special cases Mira will have to solve as she goes to the “next level.”
  • Episode: “Mystery of the Blue Jewel”; Mira, Chikku, Mikku, Prince Veer, and the king go to the royal library where the blue jewel is supposed to be. But it isn’t there. It has been taken by supposed jewel experts (actually conniving bandits).

“…Recent animated series like She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Hilda, Cleopatra in Space, and Too Loud have portrayed libraries positively. One Disney Junior show…brings this trend to cable…”

Read more at “Libraries Take the Spotlight in this Disney Junior Show

Molly of Denali (2019-Present)
  • Episode: “Have Canoe, Will Paddle” [S1ep1b]; Molly and her friends go to the Qyah Library and meet Trini’s father, Daniel (voiced by Luc Roderique), who is the librarian working there. He jokes that they should be quiet, but then says it doesn’t matter because they are the only ones there. He helps them learn more about canoes, which gives them the knowledge necessary to become better at the canoe, leading their skills to improve, and winning third place in a a canoe race.
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (2023-Present)
  • Episode: “The Beyonder” [S1ep6]; The Beyonder shapeshifts into the librarian and surprises Lunella who is trying to divide her project into pieces, so Eduardo doesn’t mess it up. His appearance embodies the stereotypical depiction of librarians. Later, Lunella gets back to the library and is terrified with what Eduardo has done, as it was nothing like she has laid out.
Moral Orel (2005-2008)
  • Episode:The Lord’s Greatest Gift“; Francis Clara Censorsdoll is gathering books to burn at the library, and later we see her at the book burning burning books as well.
  • Episode: “Offensiveness”; Orel goes to the library and Censordoll is busy making picket signs for a screening of “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” She later throws”obscene” books, like “The Little Prince,” and “Origin of the Species” in the fire and declares that  Orel has a nose for offensive material, and he becomes her apprentice in this matters.
The Mr. Men Show (2008-2010)
  • Episode: “Library”; In this episode, the narrator describes the library you can “learn, have fun…find yourself lost in a 1,000 different worlds…take out a book, use the internet, or just listen to some music” but you have to things quietly at the library; Mr. Quiet is starting his first day as assistant librarian at the Dillydale library, taught by a supervisor who literally uses a megaphone and is abusive toward patrons, and is told to ask any questions of his too noisy coworkers; later one librarian tickles a patron when they are late; the episode goes on to talk about the people who go to the library for all sorts of reasons, including patrons complaining about books.
My Gym Partner’s A Monkey (2005-2008)

Also, according to the fandom site, in the episode “Bad News Bear”, Jake rides past it while using the fish tube.

My Life as a Teenage Robot aka Teenage Robot (2003-2009)
  • Episode: “The Boy Who Cried Robot”; Jenny gets a book about the “boy who cried wolf” story from Tuck, who picks up the book from a traveling bookmobile which comes to their neighborhood. An elderly White female librarian is shown working inside the bookmobile and is giving out books.
  • Episode: “Shell Game”; Jenny works in a library, shelving books. In one scene, an elderly White female librarian is shown.
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (2017-2020) [Web series]
  • Episode: “Forgotten Friendship Part 2: Homecoming”; Sunset Shimmer returns to Equestria, meets with Princess Twilight, then Princess Celestia, and they travel to the library to learn about how to lift the enchantment which has caused all of Sunset’s friends to forget her
  • Episode: “Forgotten Friendship Part 3: Wiped Out”; Library makes a reappearance, with Sunset and Twilight still there, with Twilight saying how she will reorganize the library and fix the catalog; Sunset leaves and comes back to the “real world”; Twilight looks at a scroll in the library and makes a discovery and writes to Sunset to warn her that the spell has to be lifted because if not, her friends will lose the memory of her forever

“…This library is visited by Sunset Shimmer, Princess Twilight, and Princess Celestia in some of the parts of the specials, “Forgotten Friendship,” with Sunset looking for answers to solve an enchantment…”

Read more at “10 other beautiful libraries in animated series

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (2010-2019)
  • Episode: “Friendship Is Magic (part 1)”; Twilight looks through books in her personal library to find out about an ancient prophecy about to come true. After reading a book, she sends a message to Princess Celestia warning of the danger.
  • Episode: “Friendship Is Magic (part 2)”; Pinkie Pie finds the book they need in Twilight Sparkle’s library. Twilight asks her how she found the book and Pinkie says she looked under E (for elements). Twilight realizes that she should have looked there
  • Episode: “The Ticket Master”; The library is briefly shown, with Twilight trying to get Fluttershy to leave the library, which she claims she was cleaning, obviously in an effort to get favors from Twilight
  • Episode: “Griffon the Brush Off”; The Library is briefly shown, as Twilight is pranked by Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie
  • Episode: “Boast Busters”; Twilight reads books in her library to learn about how to perform magic tricks better and with that knowledge, she is able to “defeat” the Ursa Minor.
  • Episode: “Dragonshy”; Twilight, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash meet in the library to discuss what to do about the dragon, which is sleeping and emitting smoke; later she is shown inside writing another letter to Princess Celestia.
  • Episode: “Look Before You Sleep”; Rarity and Applejack hunker down in the library to avoid the storm; Twilight showcases one of her books about a slumber party to Rarity; they both fight during the party, with Applejack causing a tree branch to come into the library, getting stuff wet; they end up getting over their differences and having a good time together
  • Episode: “Bridle Gossip”; Twilight looks through books in her library to find a cure for what is going on with her horn; they all come to her place with curses on them; it turns out that Twilight didn’t choose the right book because it had a weird title.
  • Episode: “Swarm of the Century”; Twilight and Spike clean the library before Princess Celestia arrives; the bugs mess up Twilight’s library, so she and the others have to get them under control.
  • Episode: “Winter Wrap Up”; Twilight’s library shown at the beginning of the episode; It is also shown at the end of the episode
  • Episode: “Feeling Pinkie Keen”; Spike is shown taking books out of the library; Twilight is in the bowels of the library where some books are stacked; at the end of the ep, Twilight and Pinkie are in the library together, with Twilight dictating a letter to Princess Celestia

“…On a similar note is how Pinkie Pie, in the second episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, finds the book they need in Twilight Sparkle’s library. Twilight asks her how she found the book and Pinkie says she looked under E (for elements)…”

Read more at “Hilda, hidden information, and research in a library

Mysticons (2017-2018)
  • Episode: “Happily Never After”; Main part of the episode, Mysticons inside the library, trying to stop Proxima from getting starfire ink; librarian is a curmudgeonly slug, but he ultimately helps them and saves them from being trapped in a book world which he had created for them. The library is partially destroyed during battle with Proxima, but most books are left untouched. The library is only accessible with specific permission, a bit archivy, as it is a “special library.”
  • Episode: “Eternal Starshine of the Mage’s Mind”; The Mysticons travel through Proxima’s dreams, including entering The Library of the Eternal Equinox, which astromancers have access to.

“…Mysticons has an episode (“Happily Never After”) where there is a fight in the library. The Mysticons are inside the library, trying to stop Proxima from getting starfire ink…”

Read more at “Digital libraries, virtual libraries, and libraries…in space?

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Neo Yokio (2017-2018)
  • Episode: “O the Helenists…”; Kaz Khan chases a demon, which possessed an object, through the library in his alma mater.

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OK K.O. aka OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes (2017-2019)
  • Episode: “We Messed Up”; Character crashes into the library after being thrown there by Gar.

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Peppa Pig (2004-Present)
  • Episode: “The Library”; Daddy Pig explains that a library is a place you borrow books from, and has a very overdue library book; later Daddy Pig shushes his son, Peppa, for making sound in the library, they meet the librarian Miss Rabbit (voiced by Sarah Ann Kennedy). She checks in their books, with a scanner telling a patron if they have been “naughty and borrowed the book for too long”; it turns out Daddy Pig has had the book out for 10 years but she says this is alright and that he can borrow another book; Peppa later talks to many of his friends in the library. The librarian says you can talk three books, but you have to remember to “bring them back on time.”
Phineas and Ferb (2007-2015)
  • Episode: “Dude, We’re Getting the Band Back Together”; Swampy, a drummer for the former rock band Love Handel, works at the local public library (Tri-State Area Public Library), stamping books, and keeping the beat. Phineas, Ferb, and those at the library sing a cool rock song, titled “Ain’t Got No Rhythm,” which features the wonders of the library, like card catalogs.
  • Episode: “Phineas and Ferb’s Quantum Boogaloo”; Future Candace comes across a library in the alternate timeline and watches a video there, trying to understand what happened. When she learns what she has caused, she is terrified. In the episode, Jennifer Grey appeared as a librarian named Arlene.
  • Episode: “Run, Candace, Run”: Candace is tasked with reading a book in a library to children but with her untested prototype shoes, she decides to visit the family gathering of Jeremy’s family as well, causing problems along the way.
  • Episode: “The Doonkelberry Imperative”; Candace goes to the public library to learn more about the scientific method (and disappearing objects). She is helped by a librarian, of the Tri-State Public Library, a librarian who is old, White, and female. She finds out that Vanessa checked out the book on her dad’s behalf, and later goes to Doof’s place to get the book. She lets doof keep the book and goes back home, feeling dejected.
Prisoner Zero (2016)
  • Episode: “The Librarian”; A blue wizard who calls himself The Librarian is introduced; he is also shown to have a huge library below decks. Library also reappears in a flashback in episode 8.
  • Episode: “Schism”; Tag and Prisoner Zero go through the library on the ship in hopes of changing time back to its usual course; the librarian helps him regain his memory; there is a final scene in the library at the end of the episode.
  • Episode: “Ragnabook: Part One”; Monster escapes from “forbidden section” of the library; they (Zero, Tag, and Jem) all go down to the library and find it in a bad shape, with every room a dangerous place with the monster on the loose; the librarian tells Tag that libraries aren’t just for storing books but for retaining information in all its forms (artifacts, public records, images, living creatures); the monster attacks them all and only has one purpose: to rewrite history and to know all knowledge; Tag and Jem travel into the forbidden section to help defeat the monster; Zero fights off books with a book insider the monster which wants to destroy the universe; monster is a living, thinking book from the “dark times” which documented the achievements of victors; librarian is exhausted for caring for his library for thousands of years, fighting off people/intruders in the process; books try to attack Tag and Jem and eat them, like cookbooks, ha.
  • Episode: “Ragnabook: Part Two”; The Librarian continues to fight the monster with Zero, while Tag and Jem try another way, going through different rooms of the library; The Librarian says there is power in knowledge and that it should not be destroyed; he also tells how he became the librarian, started his life, and wanted to make his “mark on history”; he built the library from his mind?…what?; they note that the library was even more incredible back in its heyday but it got old…Zero notes that a library is not redundant with all these stories, plays, etc…. Zero says that he just needs new visitors, noting that members of his crew are patrons who go to the library to explore “endless possibilities” in the books; Zero pleads with the librarian to remember his past, who recorded the truth in his books; he shared stories of the library across the cosmos!; Jenn says the best thing in libraries are books; sadly, the whole library is destroyed so the librarian has to start over… well that sucks.

“…This librarian…has a library buried deep inside of the Rogue, the spaceship that Zero, Jem, Tag, and others are traveling on through outer space. He seems like an old, frail fellow…and he has some sort of magical powers which allow him to teleport people and disable devices”

Read more at “Libraries Take the Spotlight in this Disney Junior Show

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I have not watched any shows that begin with the letter Q, which have a librarian or library as of yet


Regular Show (2010-2017)
  • Episode: “Skips vs. Technology”; Skips reads books in the library about how to fix computers and tries to help solve the problem his friends are having with a computer, and they say he needs to recognize that are some problems he just doesn’t know how to fix. It turns out his friends, Mordo and Rigs, were just trying to print out a thank you message to him all along.
  • Episode: “The Last Laserdisc Player”; Two store assistants tell them that a library is where “all junky stuff goes”; Mordo, Rigs, and their friend go to the local library to search for a laserdisc player, talking to two older guys who try to say that a VHS is better than a laserdisc; Archie the Archivist (voiced by John Cygan) takes them down to the basement where there are thousands of formats in storage, with the librarian thinking they are the ones who will end the “format wars,” and tells how VHS took over from laserdisc, with a goon squad which destroyed all the players in society, so VHS could be dominant; the laserdisc opens a secret chamber in the library, where they find the last laserdisc player. They have to fight off the “ancient order of the VHS” so they can watch their film, with the library getting destroyed in the process. The librarian turns into the laserdisc guardian and they later watch the movie together, which is an absurdly long film.
  • Episode: “Party Horse”; They go to the library to try and help Party Horse, but the library is too distracting for him, somehow. As such, the scene in the library is very short.
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2018-2020)
  • Episode: “Mystic Library”; The turtles break into the public library to find information on how to save a creature from the mirror, with Donatello saying a library is a “treasure hunt” and that you never know “what gems you will find along the way” and are transported to the Mystic Library by mistake.
Robot Chicken (2005-Present)
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends aka The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show (1959-1964)
  • Episode: “Topsy Turvy World”; Rocky and Bullwinkle go to Frostbite Falls Library to ask for “all the books they had on the weather,” but a mysterious figure blocks their way; in the next animated short, “Funny Business in the Books or the Library Card,” at the end of the episode, they are confronted by a man with a gun, with Rocky thinking hilariously it might be the librarian; the librarian (Cletus Bookworm) ends up siding with the person who is threatening them with a gun, and they are brought to a federal censorship office, learning that weather has become classified; they find out, in a later episode, from a professor, about why the weather is changing, and take off to change the direction of the world, so the weather can return to normal.
Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths, and Legends (1999-2000)

“…Oh, and there is a fight in the dimly-lit library between the protagonist, Nick Logan, and a monster in the Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths, and Legends episode, “Peacemaker.” So, it becomes a battlefield…”

Read more at “Digital libraries, virtual libraries, and libraries…in space?

Rugrats (1991-2004)
  • Episode: “Quiet Please!”; They all go to the library, so their parents can return a book.
RWBY (2013-Present)
  • Episode: “Welcome to Beacon”; Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang play a complex card game in the library. Also, Jaune, Nora (who is sleeping), Pyrrha, and Ren are in the library too. Neptune points out that libraries are for reading and says he is an intellectual. No more mention of the library after that.
  • Episode: “Burning the Candle”; Half-awake Blake researching at the library, Yang gets her out of there with a laser pointer.
  • Episode: “A Much Needed Talk”; Father of Blake has a huge library stretching across the walls in his home.
  • Episode: “Taking Control”; Weiss hides in her family’s library in her dad’s mansion in Atlas before going to Mistrel.
  • Episode: “No Safe Haven”; Library in the room of Professor Lionheart, as it could be called.

“…libraries are also community spaces, making them places of calmness which sometimes seem removed from the pressures of the outside world, even though the latter is not completely true…libraries in RWBY fulfill both examples…”

Read more at “RWBY and the library as a place of refuge and calmness

“…In the past, I’ve written about love blossoming in libraries in various shows…The best example of this is in the season 2 episode, “Burning the Candle.”

Read more at “Love in the library redux: Burning the candle toward Bumbleby

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Sally Bollywood: Super Detective aka Sally Bollywood (2009-2013)
  • Episode: “SOS Saris!”; Sally and her friend, Dewey, look at a map of air ventilation passageways in the school library; they are also shushed by either a patron or a librarian while in the library itself
  • Episode: “Liz’s Secret Diary”; School library shown twice, with Sally and Dewey talking to Liz at the end of the episode, who is studying in the library
  • Episode: “Fangs A Lot”; Sally and Dewey go to the library to keep an eye on a suspect who someone thinks is a vampire.
Sarah and Duck (2013-2017)
  • Episode: “Lost Librarian”; Sarah and Duck head over the library to learn about their new toy, a periscope; they travel through the library to find the librarian (voiced by Tim Britton); they meet the librarian who has lost their paper catalog and he eventually gets back the paper catalog, even as he shushes the duck later.
Sea Princesses (2007-2010)
  • Episode: “The Diary”; Their teacher, Miss Maria, brings them to the Grand Library of Salacia and tells them to be as quiet as possible, letting them use the library to complete their projects; Polvina loses her diary and her friends help her look for it; it turns out that all the things taken from the library were by a mimic octopus and she agrees to do a project on the octopus.
  • Episode: “The Gift”; They all go into the library to work on their project.
  • Episode: “The Crush”; Esther sees her crush from the library and leaves with a book.
  • Episode: “Who’s Who”; Tubelina is daydreaming in the library, later pumping heads with Polvina by accident, and later Polvina does intense studying in the library
  • Episode: “Lunch Power”; The Sea Princesses and others meet in the library to discuss what to do about Tubelina.
  • Episode: “Polvina the Teacher”; Polvina talks to a friend, Angelica, in the library about geometry, and tries to teach her it, even though she begins daydreaming.
  • Episode: “The Mural”; Esther and her friends prepare to paint a mural on the library wall, but gets in an argument with Elektra, who wants to have her own mural; it turns out they both did copying, with the school council asking them to work together on something to improve the school.
  • Episode: “Best Friends”; Polvina runs away from her friends and goes to the library, but her friends follow her there, causing her to flee, again, but she later creates more tension between her and her friends.
  • Episode: “Lost Kingdom”; They go to the library to find out why the barracudas don’t have a kingdom, including Tuberlina looking through a card catalog.
  • Episode: “The Guardians”; They travel to the library to find out the truth behind who actually founded Salacia, and they find out that someone tore pages out of the copy of the book in the library, so no one will find out the truth.

Libraries also appear in the book The Ballad of the Forgotten Princess and the short story, Isa’s Gift, all of which are canon in this universe.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018-2020)
  • Episode: “Reunion”; Bow’s dads (George and Lance) call themselves historians but manage a family library; most of the episode takes place in the library.
  • Episode: “Return to the Fright Zone”; Bow and Glimmer go to his dad’s library to check up on them.

“…The season two finale focuses on two middle-aged gay Black librarians, George and Lance, and their library in a magical forest called the Whispering Woods…”

Read more at “These Animated Shows Defy Library Stereotypes”

She-Ra: Princess of Power (1985-1986)

“…They go to a library in the “valley of the lost” to get a magical glowing book which has the spell to free She-Ra, their companion.”

Read more at “Madame Razz, Broom, Kowl, and the glowing book

Sofia the First (2013-2018)
  • Episode: “Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess”; Library of the Royal Preparatory Academy that is Sofia is attending is briefly shown in a school run by witches.
  • Episode: “The Princess Test”; Sofia and her friends go to the library to prepare for the “princess test,” some sort of test involving dancing, at the royal academy she goes to. This is the same library as the one shown in “Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess.” Librarian is an old lady with a bonnet.
  • Episode: “Make Way for Miss Nettle”; Sofia and her friends go to the library once more to look at a map in order to help the fairies.
  • Episode: “The Secret Library”; Sofia reads a book that gives her a guide to a secret library (below the castle), so she shrinks down to a small size, and goes on a magical journey before she gets there. She comes to a library with thousands, if not millions of books.
  • Episode: “The Secret Library: Olaf and the Tale of Miss Nettle”; Sofia returns to the library, for a tale about Ms. Nettle, and she finishes the story. Strangely, despite the library in the title of this episode, it barely appears at all, only at the beginning and end of the episode! How weird.
  • Episode: “The Tale of the Noble Knight”; Sofia returns to the library, for a tale about a noble knight, and engages with the library’s gemstone during the story; she leaves the library to help the knight and returns the book to the library at the end of the episode, where it is filed away.
  • Episode: “The Secret Library: Tale of the Eternal Torch”; Sofia comes back to the library, once more, to learn about the tale of the eternal torch; She leaves to give the story a happy ending, and the book is, at the end of the episode, returned to its place in the library, with Sofia remarking in the episode that there is “still one more happy ending to go.”
  • Episode: “Forever Royal”; Sofia goes to the library as a refuge from the evil taking over the kingdom; we see an old man who calls himself the “first storykeeper” and says he built the library “many years ago,” and boasts about what he did, but is later inspirational… later he disappears.

“…In the eighth episode, Sofia and her friends come to the library to find out about how to be a princess. They talk to an older White woman known as Mrs. Higgins (who looks like an old maid), who works in the library.”

Read more at “10 other beautiful libraries in animated series

Spongebob Squarepants (1999-Present)
  • Episode: “Library Cards”; Spongebob introduces Patrick to his library, saying libraries are playgrounds “for your mind” and Patrick thinks it is a fun playground but Spongebob says it isn’t that kind of playground but is a place to “read books.” Patrick says he loves books so much he begins throwing them across the room, and Spongebob hilariously explains all the kinds of books, then begins reading a book to Patrick after breathing in the musty old smell. Patrick begins reading books so fast that his brain expands and he becomes smarter and smarter, with his brain so big he can’t leave the room! Spongebob tries all sorts of methods to get Patrick’s head out of the room and only restores him back to normal when he watches TV, “dumbing” him down to normal. In this episode, Gary basically acts as the librarian.
Steven Universe (2013-2019)
  • Episode: “Buddy’s Book”; Steven and Connie visit the local public library and the library book shown in this episode is later featured in “Steven’s Dream.”

“….While the episode starts with a typical stereotype of librarians, as the librarian at the information desk shushes Steven after he shouts “books!” and again when they are a bit noisy, this episode showcases the importance of libraries.”

Read more at “Shushing, Buddy Buddwick, and cool librarians in Steven Universe

“…I’ve written about this before, but I’ve got to say that this library is the most positive part of the episode, much more than the shushing librarian. Unfortunately, the library is seen as a book depository rather than an information center…”

Read more at “10 other beautiful libraries in animated series

Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters (2017-2018)

“Today, I’d like to talk about the 2017-2018 Netflix series, Stretch Armstrong & the Flex Fighters today. In season 1, episode 3, titled “Ninja and the Ghost,” one of the protagonists, Jake Armstrong goes to the library to find answers. Once again, this is another case of a librarian-less library…

Read more at “Jake Armstrong and researching in a library

“…In…”Masters of Order”…the protagonists meet Nathan’s grandfather and Savic at the newspaper archives in his basement. They look at newspapers for more information…The grandfather tells them to keep searching…In the process, the grandfather and Savic travel to the school library

Read more at “Reappearance of libraries in the ‘Stretch Armstrong’ series

Sym-Bionic Titan (2010-2014)

“…I’d like to, today, review a scene in Sym-Bionic Titan…In the show’s fourth episode, one of the protagonists, Lance, tries to meet Ilana in the high school library. Unfortunately, he is only there by himself.”

Read more at “The brief library scene in Sym-Bionic Titan

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Tangled: The Series aka Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure (2017-2020)
  • Episode: “Keeper of the Spire”; Raps, Eugene, Lance, and Cass travel to the spire to get information on the last part of the scroll. In the process, they meet the pretentious “keeper” of the spire (later it turns out she isn’t the real keeper but only formerly the keeper’s assistant), who calls herself Calapii and she holds various artifacts in the spire, a closed-off museum of sorts. As a scholar of sorts who can do magic tricks, she also has a messy library. There are a lot of archivy vibes to this episode too, as they have to climb to the top of a mountain to get to a “vault” (which is just a tower with artifacts) but an archives is not explicitly shown. The real keeper, at the end of the episode, makes Calipi the keeper of the spire; Raps also gets the scroll she is looking for.
  • Episode: “Pascal’s Dragon”; Nigel reads books in the library inside the Carona castle to learn more about the dragon.
  • Episode: “Islands Apart”; Eugene reads tiny books on an island to try and learn more about the evil magic there, to help figure out what’s going on, to find where the tiny Cass came from…

“…Let’s start with the Tangled episode, “Keeper of the Spire.” In this episode, the show’s protagonists (Raps, Eugene, and Cass), and their friend Lance, travel to the spire to get information on the last part of the scroll, so Raps can complete her quest. In the process, they meet the pretentious “keeper” of The Spire…As a scholar of sorts who can do magic tricks, she also has a messy library…”

Read more at “Information gathering, the power of knowledge, and libraries in animation

Teamo Supremo (2002-2004)
  • Episode: “Word Search”; Libro Shushman masquerades as librarian and has has an evil plan to suck all the words from books, signs, and anything else written, into her personal dictionary.
Teen Titans Go! (2013-Present)
  • Episode: “Magic Man”; Raven and Beast Boy travel to the “Azarath Public Library” to get a new spellbook for Raven, as she presses a special code and fly to even get in the library.
The Dragon Prince (2018-Present)
  • Episode:What is Done“; Callum goes to the library to get books for his trip outside the castle, with Claudia messing with him using magic, and saying she has a crush on him, later grumbling about how he doesn’t understand girls.
  • Episode:The Book of Destiny“; Viren sneaks into the royal library to find books, scrolls, or other documents, looking for anything on Aaravos. He finds out what he needs, but everything starts turning to ink, while someone (maybe the librarian or maybe a patron) shushes him, declaring “you’re in a library” but Viren gets angry, and she shushes him again.
The Fairly OddParents (2001-2017)
  • Episode: “Hail To The Chief”; Timmy joins the Library Assistance Club and gets impeached as student body president because of his geekiness.
  • Episode: “What’s the Difference?”; Timmy goes to the school library, is bored, and wishes to turn the whole school is like a puzzle book after a fight in the library.
  • Episode: “Shelf Life”; Timmy goes to the Dimsdale Public Library so he can finish his 500 page book report at the last minute, calls out Sherlock Holmes from the book, doing the same for Tom Sawyer, and they get trapped in worlds of various books within the library itself.
The Flintstones (1960-1966)
  • Episode: “The Hit Songwriter”; Fred Flintstone and his friend, Barney, go to the public library to check out a book and looks at a book about how to get rich from writing lyrics. He talks relatively loud and the librarian doesn’t pay him any mind. Unfortunately the librarian is not credited in the episode.

The library also reappears in “Three Days of the Mastodon” and ““Dino and the Zombies”, episodes of The Flintstone Comedy Show, which was also known as Flintstone Frolics. Additionally, the library reappears in the episode “Frog for a Day“, part of the The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show, a spin-off of The Flintstones. These episodes have not been watched as of yet, but I will try to find them somewhere and add them to this list, if at all possible.

The Ghost and Molly McGee (2021-Present)
  • Episode: “Monumental Disaster”; Molly and Scratch go to the Tugbottom Library to learn the truth behind Tugbottom’s story, but they just find flattering stories, before Libby points them in the right direction.
  • Episode: “Bad Boy Bobby Daniels”: Molly, her father, and Scratch go to the Mewline Public Library to find the Bad Boy of Brighton, Bobby Daniels (voiced by Danny Trejo), to help her elderly friend. Molly’s father is excited because the library has a “legendary zoning regulation section” which he wants to see. The bad boy of Brighton is dressed as a librarian with a cardigan, attempting to turn him “back” into a bad boy but it doesn’t work. They let him stay as the librarian. Bobby and Patty get together after Molly put in a false book delivery notice. Their love ends up blossoming and it seems that he is taken away from his library job… what happens to that? We never never know.
The Legend of Korra (2012-2014)
  • Episode: “A New Spiritual Age”; Jinora meets Wan Shi Tong (voiced by Héctor Elizondo), a big owl, in the spirit library, declaring that humans are no longer allowed in his library. He says the last human stayed there to read, grew old and died. She tells him about how radio works and sound being converted into electromagnetic energy. He agrees to let her look around, since she came with the avatar, but says she can look around but can’t break anything. Later, Jinora looks through books in the library, for information about portals. A friendly fox helps her find a book on spirit portals. Later, Tong sides with Unalaq against Jinora and Korra, claiming he is a “true friend” to the spirits, which is a lie. He also allows her to be kidnapped by Unalaq!
The Legend of Vox Machina (2022-Present)
  • Episode: “The Terror of Tal’Dorei Part 2”; The gang of Vox Machina goes into an underground cellar which appears to be like a library, although it isn’t completely.
The Owl House (2020-Present)
  • Episode: “Witches Before Wizards”; Luz and the tiny dragon, “King,” travel to a castle, where they deliver a package and they meet a wizard who is within a huge library with many volumes. No librarian per say is seen, but if Atacus, the wizard is the defacto librarian, he is white, has a long beard, and glasses. Eda and King later go to the castle and find it destroyed, with all sorts of scrolls saying the “chosen one”; later it turns out the wizard is a fraud and is not a wizard at all
  • Episode: “Lost in Language”; Luz goes to the library to return Eda’s stack of books. She meets the librarian, who is annoyed that most of the books are overdue, and shushes Luz, as do others in the library, making it clear this is a place of study. Later, Luz sees Amity reading in the library to children and is impressed. She talks to Amity about this, who brushes her off, but she then is taken in by Amity’s annoying siblings, who convince Luz to break into the library that night, causing a monster to spring from the pages. She is about to work with Amity to fight off the book monster, return it to its normal form, and reconcile with Amity, who is coming around to liking her.
  • Episode: “Sense and Insensitivity”; There is a party for King’s book, Ruler’s Reach, at the public library, Bonesborough Public Library, which Luz and others attend; later the publisher comes to Luz, walking through the library stacks, to offer her a chance to be a writer.
  • Episode: “Understanding Willow”; there is a short flashback showing Willow and Amity in the library as younger kids.
  • Episode: “Through the Looking Glass Ruins”; Luz visits Amity, who is now an employee at the Bonesborough Public Library, reading stories to children. Luz gets Amity’s help to find a book by a human who had once gone to the Boiling Isles. However, by ending the Forbidden Section of the library, Amity is fired by her boss, Malphas. She later gets her card, and job, back after Luz does a number of tasks and fighting monsters, with Amity being forever grateful.
  • Episode: “Labyrinth Runners”; Willow and Amity fight the Golden Guard in the library.
  • Episode: “Thanks to Them”; Library scene from 18:48-19:05 in which Amity, Willow, Vee, and Gus go to the local library to find information, including a scene of card catalogs. A librarian is featured briefly, as is a patron. 

“…Another new series, The Owl House, features libraries too! In the episode “Lost in Language,” Luz goes to the library to return Eda’s stack of books. She meets the librarian, who is annoyed that most of the books are overdue, and shushes Luz…”

Read more at “Digital libraries, virtual libraries, and libraries…in space?

The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder (2022-Present)
  • Episode: “It All Started with an Orange Basketball”; Kareem is in the library, about the study with Penny, but then he leaves because
    she doesn’t show up. Penny comes in just after he leaves and is disappointed. Later, LaCienega and Maya work together, with Maya helping set up LaCienega and Kareem together, as they walk out of the library together. She acts like she is reading a book of Ta-Nehisi Coates, with Maya defending her later.
  • Episode: “When You Wish Upon a Roker”; Penny returns books to the college library and only gets 3 dollars and 50 cents back even
    though she spent thousands of dollars on these books.
The Replacements (2006-2009)
  • Episode: “Quiet Riot”; Librarian shushes Todd for making too much noise in the library, so he brings in a punk rocker to replace her and take her place.
The Simpsons (1989-Present)
  • Episode: “Bart the General”; Bart is explaining the costs of war, imploring people to learn more about it by traveling to their local public library.
  • Episode: “Dog of Death”; a news report about “lottery fever,” which shows the local library.
  • Episode: “Bart the Mother”: A librarian briefly appears in the episode after Bart watches a film about taking care of birds from Troy McClure (voiced by Phil Hartman). This librarian tells Reverend Lovejoy that he has checked out the bible every weekend for the last nine years and asks him if it would be easier to just buy a Bible instead. He says he could do that on a “librarian’s salary,” implying that librarians make a lot of money, even though they do not, by any measure, as many have attested.
  • Episode: “The Longest Marge”: Marge passes out books at a school assembly. Mathers later throws books at the kids.
  • Episode:Last Tap Dance in Springfield“; Lisabella appears in this episode as a librarian that be chosen be the lead male’s dance partner in Tango de La Muerte.
  • Episode: “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace”; Homer reads about Thomas Edison at the Springfield Elementary School library because they won’t let him in the “big people library” in downtown Springfield because of some “unpleasantness.” The school librarian, an elderly White lady, asks him if he is a student at the school, and he says yes. She undoubtedly kicks him out after that.
  • Episode: “Sweets and Sour Marge”; There is a book sale at the Old Springfield Library with Homer mocks the library selling books, Comic Book Guy buys books on Spock and Scotty, Nick Rivera reads a book about human anatomy entitled Grey’s Anatomy, and Lisa buys a cart full of books, saying she has to “save” them after Marge tells her she can’t buy more than her weight in books. There is even a scene after this of the aforementioned librarian feeding chopping up books and feeding them to pigs.
  • Episode: “Eeny Teeny Maya, Moe”; Moe tells the story of surfing the web at the local public library with occasional drinking fountain breaks, where he is going back and forth with another woman, Maya. He then calls the “Crazy Cat Lady” a man, and she throws cats on him. He says he would do anything to chat with Maya apart from buying an actual computer. Maya calls him cute and he dances a little with the elderly librarian, who is confused by the whole ordeal, before he leaves the library.
  • Episode: “No Good Read Goes Unpunished”; The librarian  closes the library with reduced hours of operation, because after a certain point in the day the silverfish take over the library. Milhouse is trapped inside while covered with silverfish, just wanting to renew his library card. After that, the Simpsons family goes to a book-themed department store, then a bookstore with old books, some of which Bart is interested in.
  • Episode: “Lisa’s Wedding”; Lisa, in this future vision, goes to the reference desk where the librarian is and she types on her calculator and says that the book she needs was checked out by Hugh Parkfield. They both try to compete with each other in reading the book, then end up kissing one another. The one librarian quips that at one point Hugh and Lisa hated each other, then love each other, with the other librarian saying it doesn’t make sense to her because she is a robot, then her head melts.
  • Episode: “Bart’s Girlfriend”; There is library clerkwho runs the young adult section at a library in Springfield and Lisa has a crush on him, while he also dates Jessica Lovejoy at one point. Lisa claims that she can “tame” him, even though she calls him “well-read and just a little wild.”
  • Episode: “Dial “N” for Nerder”; Lisa imagines herself as an older prisoner, with an unnamed prison librarian passing her jail cell with a trolley of books, asking whether she had Joyce Carol Oates. The librarian said she only had Danielle Steel, causing Lisa to scream in terror. This is significant because this librarian is perhaps the only prison librarian that I’ve ever seen in animation.
  • Episode: “The Color Yellow”; Two librarians, one of whom is named Martha, appear in the episode “The Color Yellow” and are hinted as lesbians, working at the Old Springfield Library.
  • Episode: “Dead Putting Society”; Ms. Norton, a librarian at Springfield Public Library, appears in this episode, with Lisa saying hello to her, as does a man named Ralph and a group of old men and women reading books. She helps Bart by showing him the card catalogs, finding him a book on golf putting. Bart is shown next carrying a stack of books, including a book by Lao-Tzu, The Tao-Te Ching. She even tells Bart they are borrowing the books, after he wonders if they can afford them.
  • Episode: “Lisa the Greek”; Lisa goes to the very quiet public library, which has some new signs and banners up. Ms. Norton claims it has been a “madhouse” after Lisa says the signs are working, with Lisa then checking the card catalog, looking for books on football.
  • Episode: “Homer Goes to College”; Presumably the same librarian, Ms. Norton, is shown with dark skin and hair. Homer, in one scene, wheels a stack of books out of the Springfield University Library, as she looks in, part of his cramming for a college test
  • Episode: “Sideshow Bob Roberts”; Lisa and Bart go into the Old Springfield Library and bats come flying out of the card catalog.
  • Episode: “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge”; Marge sneaks into the public library to find out about who Becky really is, and comes across a stories, while looking through the microfilm, which she thinks prove Becky as a bad person, but believes she has been unfair to Becky.
  • Episode: “Margical History Tour”; Lisa talks to an elderly librarian who says they don’t have books, but they are a multimedia learning center for those of all ages, but mostly bums. Lisa complains that there are hardly any books at all. Marge agrees to help them, saying she knows a little about history. Nelson later trips Milhouse and takes his book, hilariously declaring “the library, really is a great resource!,” adding that he only came in to trip nerds.
  • Episode: “Like Father, Like Clown”; Lisa looks through the card catalog, looking for books on Judaism and takes notes on what she found. Bart comes with her and looks at pop-up books. He attempts to convince Krusty’s father to make up with him, using the knowledge that Lisa is finding. His attempts fail and Lisa gives him one last paper, hoping it will work, even though she calls it a long-shot to convince him, apart from learning Ancient Hebrew. At long last, they get through to him after Bart quotes from a book by Sammy Davis, Jr.
  • Episode: “HOMЯ”; after the crayon is taken out of Homer’s brain, he becomes smart, and reading lots of books, just like Lisa. This also ends up changing his personality too.
  • Episode: “The Kids Are All Fight”; In this episode, taking place six years prior, after a librarian read a book during storytime, Bart and Lisa fought, hitting each other with books, while Marge looks on, worried. Following this, A security guard then escorts them out, telling them in a quiet voice to leave, shouting as he opens the door to let them outside, not wanting such violence in the library
  • Episode: “Looking for Mr. Goodbart”; Bart goes to the library to ask the librarian (who is uncredited) how he looks up a word. He hands her his phone and asks how much he owes her. At first she hesitates, then asks him for five dollars, and pockets the money!

“…Libraries come up time and again in The Simpsons…more…than…in Futurama, despite the fact that some of the same people made the latter show…”

Read more at “Libraries in the Simpsons

ThunderCats (1985-1989)
  • Episode: “The Zaxx Factor”; Vultureman escapes from prison using Bookmobile, a mobile library ship. Additionally, the heroes try to intercept him before he causes more damage, and Vultureman watches a video in the ship library about history on Third Earth, but misses the important part about how he could lose his life if he takes the medallion.
Timon & Pumbaa (1995-1999)
  • Episode: “Library Brouhaha”; At the Don B. Loud Library, there are all sorts of signs telling patrons to be quiet and a library that runs a tight ship, even smacking a bird which comes by the widow and makes a chirp!
Tiny Toon Adventures (1990-1992)
  • Episode: “Weirdest Story Ever Told”; Episode begins with characters reading in the library, with the Foghorn Leghorn (as the librarian) ironically telling them to be quiet even though he is very loud himself, so they begin talking in hushed tones.

Note: Wikipedia titles this episode “The Weirdest Stories Ever Told,” but I’d rather rely on the Fandom page for this one.

Too Loud (2017-2019) [Web series]
  • Episode: “Loud Mouth Librarians”; We are introduced to the loud-mouth librarians, Jeffrey and Sara; also the old, female, and white librarian who heads the library appears.
  • Episode: “No Loud Talking Allowed”; The Town’s mayor is tired of Jeffrey and Sara being so loud, so he tells them to be quiet, which impairs their ability to help patrons.
  • Episode: “You Can’t Play With Us”; Jeffrey and Sara play a game with friends in the library.
  • Episode: “Beware of the Big-Headed Boy”; Jeffrey tries to hide his big head before meeting his favorite sci-fi author in the library.
  • Episode: “New Girl in Town”; A new librarian, named Sarah, is introduced, leading to competition with Sara, but they later resolve their differences.
  • Episode: “Snowed In”; Jeffrey, Sara, and the older female librarian are trapped inside the library due to a snowstorm.
  • Episode: “Weenie War”; Library is only shown briefly at beginning of the episode.
  • Episode: “Slumber Party Sneak-In”; Library is briefly shown, but important as Jeffrey and Sara are doing library tasks there.
  • Episode: “Bad Gurlz Do It Better”; Annoyed with her routine tasks in the library, Sara joins a rotten group of girls, but ends up stopping them before they trash the library.
  • Episode: “Gimme That Frog”; Jeffrey is caught between a dispute over a frog figurine, which Sara and Sarah both want; the action occurs in the library.
  • Episode: “Save the Library!”; Jeffrey and Sara try to bring together two old sisters to stop the library from being demolished.
  • Episode: “Checked Out”; Jeffrey, Sara, and Sarah try to retrieve overdue library books, and I must say that I don’t think the library even appears in this episode.
  • Episode: “Molly Is Missing!”; Jeffrey and Sara travel deep in the stacks to find their lost friend, Molly. They are also seen at the library’s circulation desk.
  • Episode: “Besties or Else”; The library is briefly shown at the beginning of the episode.
  • Episode: “The Incredible Shrinking Head”; Jeffrey and Sara have head reduction surgery and as a result they can’t complete their library tasks as effectively or serve their patrons as effectively either.
  • Episode: “Run, Sara, Run!”; Sara tries to desperately get a gift for Jeffrey, whose birthday is being held in the library that day.

“…Too Loud, a 16-episode, two-season animated comedy web series on YouTube, is another great example of libraries in animation…While the show is geared toward children, viewers of all ages can enjoy its message about the value of libraries.”

Read more at “These Animated Librarians Have Big Hearts and Big Heads

Total Drama (2007-2014)
Totally Spies! (2001-2014)
  • Episode: “Black Widows”; Clover is disgusted by the fact she has to go inside the school library for a spelling bee at their high school, which her friend, Sam, is attending… she then pulls on a dictionary and it leads them down a tunnel, with Clover declaring “I KNEW going to the library was a bad idea!”
  • Episode: “I Want My Mummy”; Brief library scene where Clover, Sam, and Alex arrive at the prestigious British school of Oxford where the son of an anthropologist works, and are shown going through a school library in one scene. The library is vacant when there are there, however.
  • Episode: “Totally Switched”; Man comes into the library and is told by the librarian at Langley Public Library that books are overdue, but he refuses to pay the fines, librarian is possessed by something and literally throws the guy on the ground and laughs about it!… yikes; later she is described as a “mild-mannered librarian” and it is said that her personality changed; they go to the librarian’s house, and she is “buff” now, lol; One of the spies, Clover, asks “how often do you meet a wrestling librarian?” Later they break into the Liverpool library to look at the datebook of the librarian… when they could have just asked her.
  • Episode: “Evil Bouquets Are Sooo Passe”; Sam searches the school library for a book about Brazil with no luck. A handsome boy later finds it for her and she chats it up with him, with both making a “study date” together, annoying Clover.
  • Episode: “Spies in Space”; Alex, Clover, and Sam are listening to music together in the school library but are loud, annoying other students. They are quickly whisked away.
  • Episode: “Evil Roommate”; Stacy uses her machine to go the library where she says all the “smart people” hang out. She breaks in and the students run for their lives. She ends up kidnapping one of the students as she laughs evilly. Much of the library gets destroyed in the process, shelf after shelf. The library is repaired by a WHOOP agent and the memories of everyone involved in the incident, apart from those of Alex and Clover, are erased, i.e. their memories of the incident.
  • Episode: “Vide-o-no!”; Person testing the game at beginning of the episode has a library behind him. Also, the library at Malibu University reappears again.
  • Episode: “WOOHP-Ahoy!”; Sam and Alex are in the student lounge library area, surprised by Clover who comes in a pirate outfit. They later return to the student lounge’s library area at the end of the episode, having a good laugh while Clover is in a sailor uniform fashion
  • Episode: “Little Dude”; Sam and Alex sit on chairs in the student lounge, trying to figure out something about a case.
  • Episode: “Astro-Not”; Sam is studying for an astronomy test the next day in a library at Malibu University. Previously, Sam, Clover, and Alex were in the study area of the school lounge.
Trese (2021)
  • Episode: “Episode 4”; Library is setting for meeting.
  • Episode: “Episode 5”; Library shown again, this time as part of house.
  • Episode: “Episode 6”; Two young boys, who murdered people, are taken in by Alex and her family, and they play around in the library at beginning of episode. Later in the episode, the Council is shown meeting in library.
Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia (2016-2018)
  • Episode: “Party Monster”; Blinky brings Jim and Toby to a library to find a solution, with the books, scrolls, and tomes being all he has left of his brother, with hours upon hours of research so they find what they are looking for. AAARRGGHH!!! is in the library secretly reading about his condition, he makes an excuse and leaves. They continue to read books in the library, with Blinky saying his “zeal for the library sciences” is waning as he is falling asleep, ha. Toby becomes a living archive, or so he says, of all troll history.
  • Episode: “Something Rotten This Way Comes”; Jim, Toby, and Claire meet in the library with Vendel, defending Jim’s actions
  • Episode: “Escape from the Darklands”; Blinky in his library tries to figure out a plan to save Jim, with Toby and Claire worried about him; they look through the library for something to save Jim.
  • Episode: “Skullhunter”; Blinky, again, looks at books to find out a cure for AAARRRGGHH!!! Toby helps Blinky in this endeavor, telling him about something called the Janus Order, leading to a quest.
  • Episode: “Hiss Hiss, Bang Bang”; Blinky burns all the books in his library which contain the name of his “traitorous brother” but not the other books.
  • Episode: “Mistrial and Error”; Toby is picked by Jim to represent him in front of the tribunal and Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! help Toby get the books he needs.

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Uncle Grandpa (2013-2017)
  • Episode: “Back to the Library”; Uncle Grandpa’s friend tells him to return a children’s book and he ultimately agrees. He takes it back to the public library, with the White female librarian, telling him the late fee is 12 cents, and he freaks out as he doesn’t know where he will get the money for it. He travels back in time, trying to remedy this, still fails, and they get the book back, but the librarian charges him a fee for a damaged book, which is 12 dollars. So they travel back in time to strop him from ever checking out the book in the first place, leading to a chase in the library, and fights between Uncle Grandpa and his clones over the book. He returns the book in the book drop and another Uncle Grandpa puts junk into the book drop, causing the librarian to sigh. So he vows to never go in the library again.

There is also a character named Huge Librarian, appearing in “Prank Wars” who punches Mr. Gus after Pizza Steve lied and told him that Mr. Gus was making noise in the library.

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Victor and Valentino (2019-2022)
  • Episode: “Decoding Valentino”; Valentino travels to ancient ruins with Isabella and is en route to an ancient library; while very little time is spent in the library as it literally collapses into the ground, Isabella makes a joke at the end of the episode that the library is “lib-raried,” which is one of the best library jokes I’ve seen.
  • Episode: “An Evening with Mic and Hun”; In the underworld, Victor and Valentino have to get past a skeleton librarian, Eztli (voiced by Jenny Lorenzo) who shushes them. Victor won’t stand for this so his brother, Valentino, comes up with a plan. This plan is disregarded as the librarian is smashed by a boulder and they get the extra skeleton arm she is holding. In the episode she is also shown putting a book on a cart and stamping a book with a past due stamp, with the fee of one soul.

“…In the “Decoding Valentino” episode of a…Victor and Valentino, Valentino travels to ancient ruins with Isabella and is en route to an ancient library…”

Read more at “Comedy, fun, and libraries within three Western animations

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We Bare Bears (2015-2019)
  • Episode: “Our Stuff”; The protagonists go to the library to find if their stuff is there and they use a computer to look up a phone’s location. A Black librarian at the desk shushes them.
  • Episode: “Shush Ninjas”; The protagonists are in the library enjoying their quiet, with a theater worker pleading for their help. They agree to help him.
  • Episode: “The Library”; Grizz, Ice Bear, and Panda all go to the library, where they learn they have a number of overdue books, from a librarian. They find their friend Chloe there, who is cramming for a chemistry test. In the resulting episode, there are hi-jinks, like Chloe eating too much candy and zooming across the library. There are also jokes about old technology at the library and the library shown as a community space which people use to study. The presumably Thai librarian is likely voiced by Ashly Burch, when looking at the episode credits. Interestingly, the Black librarian shown in episode 1 is sitting at a table with two other presumed librarians (a Black man with glasses and a White man), at one point, and then a second time, in another scene.
Welcome to the Wayne (2017-2019)
  • Episode: “Rise and Shine Sleepyhead”; Ansi stumbles upon a secret library named the Stanza, and meets head librarian, Clara Rhone, getting a library card in the process.
  • Episode: “Like a Happy, Happy Bird”; Ansi travels to the library with Saraline, Olly, and his crush, Julia Wilds, as they continue to unravel mysteries of the Wayne.
  • Episode: “Wall-to-Wall Ping-Pong Ball”; Andrei, a vampire, travels to the library with Saraline, Olly, and Ansi to find a book taken from him; they fight a library ninja.
  • Episode: “Keep an Eye on the Nose”; Goodness and Saraline break into the library, catching a nose-shaped creature.
  • Episode: “We’re the Wayniacs”; Saraline and Annacile travel to the library in an effort to figure out who got her magical powers.
  • Episode: “Wiles Styles Your Over”; Katherine Alice travels to the library with Goodness, and they find out about the Cyclodex while there.
  • Episode: “Some Sort of Bad Luck Curse”; Characters briefly return to the library until they end up in a trap set by the villains.
What If…? (2021-Present)
  • Episode: “What If… the World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?”; Natasha Romanoff looks for information at a local library, but sadly is murdered by Hank Pym in the process of looking for more information, adding her to the tally of dead superheroes.
  • Episode: “What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?”; This episode features a librarian of the Lost Library of Cagliostro who is person of color! The person who voices the librarian (O’Bengh / Cagliostro) is Ike Amadi, who is a Nigerian voice actor! There’s also an Asian / Hong Kong librarian, Wong, who is voiced by Benedict Wong.
Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? (1994-1999)
  • Episode: “Boyhood’s End [Part 2]”; Lee escapes and causes a bookshelf to fall onto Ivy and Zack, almost crushing them. Zack later comments that Lee is sloppy and even makes too much noise in a library. The library is just a few bookshelves though, not much
    more, unfortunately.
  • Episode: “The Labyrinth [Part 2]”; Carmen deletes old clips of herself from the Library of Congress, so no one thinks she is a thief and she is a good citizen, so she can steal a priceless object.
  • Episode: “Retribution [Part 1]”; When Carmen was a detective, she fought Dr. Maelstrom and his henchmen in a library, although he ended up getting away. The library also burned.
Winx Club (2011-2019) [Revived series]
  • Episode: “The Lost Library”: The Winx Club learns that a book called the Legendarium was once kept in the “lost library” of Alexandria in Egypt, so they go to find the diary of the person who managed the library, which noted how the book could be locked away, searching through the ruins of the library. As they look for the book, one of the villains uses the Legendarium to summon mummies to attack them.
  • Episode: “Attack of the Sphinx”: The Winx continue to fight the mummies at the library.
  • Episode: “Queen for a Day”: The club visits the biggest library in the entire magic dimension, to look for a spell to undo the invisibility spell covering the Cloud Tower from view. They get the key to get into the library because Stella (one of the Winx) is a queen for the day.
Wizards (2020)
  • Episode: “Spellbound”; Merlin tells them a story of the past in his library an the threat that they, and the world, faces. This location, known as “Merlin’s Workshop,” within Camelot, comes up in episodes throughout the series, but this is the most prominent time it comes up in the series, as it is mostly used as a workshop, including scenes in episodes such as “History in the Making.”

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I have not watched any shows that begin with the letter X, which have a librarian or library as of yet

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Young Justice (2010-2022)
  • Episode: “Independence Day”; The heroes enter the Hall of Justice, which includes a library with lush chairs and many books and materials, but Roy is angry they are being treated like sidekicks, while his friends thought step one to becoming full-fledged members of the Justice League was a tour of the headquarters. The members of the league treat the other heroes as trainees, not letting them go on missions. Robin later uses a computer in the library to find out about a secret project of the Justice League that the members are hiding from them.
  • Episode: “Homefront”; Robin and Artemis flee to the library from clones of Red Tornado and try to fight them off their to no avail. Much of the library is destroyed in the process.
  • Episode: “Cornered”; Despero attacks the Hall of Justice and some of the fighting takes place in the library in the hall.
  • Episode: “First Impression”; The group of Outsiders, led by Garfield Logan, work with Aquaman, Artemis, and others to stop Reach ships in Brooklyn, Maine, with the library partially damaged during the fight with these ships, including a broken window.
  • Episode: “Tale of Two Sisters”; Artemis confronts Onyx Adams and Cassandra Savage at the university library, with Arsenal and Arrowette in tow, with both Adams and Savage claiming the other is lying, while Artemis, Arsenal, and Arrowette are not sure which one is telling the truth.

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Zevo-3 (2010-2011)
  • Episode: “Zevo-3”; Librarian arrested for illegal acts she didn’t commit.

“…The saddest is the old female librarian, at the school library, in the first episode of Zevo-3 who is arrested for illegal acts she didn’t commit! And the protagonist (Matt Martin/Kewl Breeze), the brother of Ellie Martin/Elastika, doesn’t care at all about her…”

Read more at “Digital libraries, virtual libraries, and libraries…in space?

Zoophobia (2020)
  • Episode: “Bad Luck Jack”; There is a short library scene of Jack and his friend, Zill, in the school library.

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