Librarian speaks to the protagonists, Merlin and Ringo, in Merlin’s Story

Librarians and libraries in comics

Below is a list of depictions of libraries and librarians in comics. To read about anime, please see this page, and this page for Western animation. This list is arranged alphabetically by series title, but different from it, it only includes librarians and libraries. In the future, I may include this page, and my other pages, in a master list. All of the comics I have listed here, I have read at least once, and sometimes more than once!  This listing includes webcomics, manga, comic books, and comics in other forms.

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Action Comics (Multiple dates)
  • Vol. 1: Appearing in many issues throughout Vol. 1, and in other comics, Lara was a native of the planet Krypton, and a librarian, marrying the scientist Jor-L.
Anemone in Heat (2020-Present)
  • In Chapter 8 of Anemone in Heat, Nagisa Ootsuki studies at the school library with Komi Yama, and they get close to one another. This is before Nanjou Mizuki, who they saw in the school infirmary, and the student president, shows up. Later, Nanjou tells Nagisa how cute she and Komi are together. By the end of the chapter, Nagisa concludes that she wants to help Komi pass her exams no matter what.
Anya’s Ghost (2011)
  • Reportedly, in this comic book, the protagonist, Anya, goes to the library to research the killer, learning that Emily “murdered a young couple in their home after her unrequited love rejected her, and then died running from the authorities”!
As the Crow Flies (2022)
  • Episode 8.5: An Angel is shown studying in the library. This is the old version of the comic. The new version is here.

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Blobby and Friends (2014-Present)
  • This is why my mother is blocked: In this issue of this webcomic, a mother (presumably a Baby Boomer) is complaining about kids “and their technology”, saying people should read a book instead of being glued to a screen, and then shows her trying to get onto Facebook an the site going down. The woman then says “I want to speak to their manager”. The point is that Baby Boomers are just as glued to their screens as anyone else.
Boyfriends (2021-Present)
Bring Me Love (2021-Present)
  • Episode 27, “Boomer“: Bri goes to the library and reads a book. She wonders why Lou isn’t texting her back and realizes that Lou calls her instead. She jokes and calls her old-fashioned for not texting instead of calling.
Brownie and Barebones (2021-Present)
  • Issue #3, “Sweet Tooth (Old) Part One”: Barebones goes to his job as a librarian at the local community library and his boss Anthony gives him cataloging work to do, annoyed he is late; cakes that Brownie drew, when she was angry at Barebones come to wreak havoc in the library.
  • Issue #4: “Sweet Tooth (Old) Part Two: Barebones takes Anthony out of the library and back to his apartment, hoping he will forget the whole thing. Anthony also seems to have a crush on the hunky firefighters.
  • Issue #20: Books (short)”: Its mentioned that Barebones is stealing books from the library for himself, with Brownie worried about this.
  • Issue #34: “Dereck (part four)”: Barebones settles in his job at the library, Brownie asks for a book, Anthony is annoyed, wants her to leave.
  • Issue #35: “Dereck (part five)”: Brownie is able to get Anthony to leave and carry books, to give Barebones a reprieve. It turns out that this is a trap as Anthony becomes a model for some art students, while Barebones takes off work. He falls in love with Dereck, who saves him after he falls after Brownie loses her wings, they walk off into the sunset, and sketches/concepts show them kissing each other, Dereck shows off to Anthony, and they play video games together.
  • Issue #48: “The Metal Detector (short)”: Barebones is shown using a metal detector at the library, which annoys Anthony who wants him to get back to work.
  • Issue #103: “Extended Lunch Break (short)”: Anthony is shocked when Dereck causes a mess in the library and demands to know where Barebones is, who is taking an extended lunch break.

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Can’t Defy the Lonely Girl aka Lonely Girl ni Sakaraenai (2022-Present)
  • “Chapter 3”: In this chapter, Ayaka Sakurai, the protagonist, is at the school library and is joined by Sora Honda, as they both study together. At one point, Ayaka realizes that Sora’s eyelashes are long and that she is pretty, something which Sora catches her watching. They later leave the library very late at night, and avoid the rain. They also work together by going back into the school, which is pitch black, to save a cat.
Cecila’s Eyes (2021-2022)
  • “Prologue: The Photograph”: The protagonist, Kayla Smith, reads an old letter of a vampire, Cecila Thomas, in the local public library, thinking about Cecila’s life in 1844.
Cleopatra in Space (2014-2020)
  • “The Thief and the Sword” (Graphic novel, 2015): Brian brings Cleo to the school library, which has records on ancient Egypt in the Antiquities Section (see pages 113-133). The library is a massive space and is well-used with students, with Akila shushed by a librarian there, and shows Cleo a book she had about Egyptology, with books saved from Octavian’s destruction, while the Alexandria library contains most of the “remaining physical archives” in the Nile Galaxy, with books on stacks alongside scrolls, making this a repository. They all look at the book about Egypt together, about the time tablets, that Cleo might be able to go back, dismaying Akila, causing her to run away as a result, and the danger of the tablets falling in the wrong hands.
Cornered (1996-Present)
Cursed Library (2021)
  • Multiple episodes/issues: Two brothers, Dane and Einar, are “living in a cursed library, five feet apart cause they’re not gay,” according to the comic’s description. Both Dane and Einar live there together, each for different reasons, and the books aren’t regular books as they are all written by the same person and tell of stories outside of the existing world, with some of the characters being alive and walking through the library! They help the characters return to their right stories, and the story ends with the lesson to not throw books at anyone.

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Daybreak (2022-Present)
  • Episode 6: Marcus says hello to Cog, who is studying in the library and doesn’t want to be disturbed. He later agrees to look for a book with him, since he likes Marcus.
  • Episode 12: Cog and Marcus hang out in the school library.
  • Episode 25: Cog sees Marcus in the school library, and calls him cute for wearing glasses, with Cog surprised Marcus hasn’t gone to work.
  • “Episode 27”: Marcus to a “study date” with Cog in the school library, something which surprises his friends.
  • “Episode 39”: Marcus and Cog study together in the school library, with Marcus inviting Cog (and Toma) to a cafe.
  • “Episode 46”: Cog writes a poem for Marcus, where he will reveal his feelings, but then Marcus comes in and sees him in the library, surprising him, causing him to crumple up the paper and eat it as he is embarrassed.
Devilish Romance (2021-2022)
  • Episode 50: Narcissa Gye remembers back to a time when she would rip books apart at the Happiness Education Center library when they had “happy endings.” In response she signed an agreement to donate 10 fairy tale books with happy endings to the center every month when she got a job and earned money, while the director of the center agrees to destroy the agreement one day.
Detective Comics (1992)
Diamond Dive (2019-Present)
  • Issue #3 “Girl Crush”: One of the protagonists, Karta Kloss (also known as “Pinky”), heads to the library at the Montgomery University, and she first meets a librarian who helps her with telling her where to get school books. 
  • Winter Special – Part 2: The winter special, a crossover with Our Days in Lumain, ends with Pinky and Bailey arriving at the school library, Pinky telling Bailey that it was cute how starstruck she was around Lady Cassidy, causing her to blush in response.
Dykes to Watch Out For (1983-2008)
  • Multiple issues: The protagonist, Mo Testa, is a lesbian feminist who later works as a reference librarian! Her official bio describes her as a “worrier and kvetch extraordinaire, with a job at now-defunct Madwimmin Books on the side. Mo has since graduated from library school.”

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Everywhere & Nowhere (2019-Present)
  • Episode 1: Anne meets William at the Royal Library of Elisnore.
  • Episode 197: Evil William is in a royal library in 2019 Denmark in hopes of learning more about himself.

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Feelings I Can’t Control [Remake] (2022)
  • Chapter 8“: The protagonist, Hinoa, is happily studying in the school library, saying she enjoys it as a place where she can find “moments of peace”, implying it is quiet and no one else is there.
  • Chapter 10“: Hinoa browses books in the school library and meets Reina there, who wishes her a good morning.
Friends With Benefits (2020-2022)
  • Rohan Part 4“: The protagonist and their friends go to the library to research a sport they can play comfortably.
Fuwafuwa Futashika Yume Mitai (2019)
  • This 10+ chapter manga by Hakamada Mera features a protagonist named Kaoru Otsuki, a popular, outcoming, intelligent, and calm sempai who often helps another protagonist, Chiyoko, study in the library, and even flirts with Chiyoko there. Specifically, in chapter 1, they flirt with one another, and kiss, while in the school library.

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Giles: Girl Blue (2018)
Girly (2003-2010)
  • In issue #259, Autumn is seen at the Cute Town Library, which is owned by a corporation.
  • In Issue #300, library appears again, but it is now owned by Happy Company, a corporation.
  • In Issue #545, library appears once more, with Otra and Winter, rattling off facts at each other, some about animation studios.
  • In Issue #560, Happy Co. prides itself on fixing up old buildings, which includes the library.
Gosick (multiple dates)
  • Gosick: In this nine-volume light novel series, which ran from December 10, 2003July 23, 2011, the protagonist, Victorique, lives in a library tower, reading by herself, and meets a boy who climbs the library tower.
  • GosickS: The Reaper Comes in the Spring: This covers the same story as the 2003-2011 light novel series. This story continues in GosickS II: Summer from the Disappearing Train, GosickS III: Memories of an Autumn Flower, and GosickS IV: Winter of Sacrifices. This light novel series goes from July 15, 2005 to May 25, 2011. There’ss also all those which are part of the “Gosick New Continent” novel series, which went from December 25, 2013 to December 2, 2016
  • Gosick W: This manga, running from January 2011December 2011, follows a similar story to the GosickS light novel series, and the Gosick light novel series. This was dramatized in an anime series which ran in 2011. There is also an eight-volume manga which ran from Jan. 2008May 2012, which covers the same story as well.
Glass Case (2021-Present)
  • Episode 2, “Aries“: One day, Katherine Ashdown welcomes a girl, Elaine, into the library. In no time at all, Elaine uses her magic to smash into a book case and take The memoirs of Ashdown. She takes the book and uses a spell to cause Katherine to fall asleep.
  • Episode 3, “Circinus“: Katherine wakes up and discovers that the glass case The memoirs of Ashdown was in was destroyed, causing her to worry about what her dad would say. She also thinks about what Elaine (whose name she doesn’t know yet) would do and laments that being a librarian can be exhausting.
  • Episode 4, “Sagitta“: Katherine goes to the only inn in town, breaks into the room, and gets the book back, easily.
  • Episode 5, “Fornax“: Elaine is surprised to see Katherine in that room, with Katherine blushing when seeing her there, and Elaine remarking that librarians are “so efficient nowadays”. When Elaine lets her take the case, she hesitates, then angrily criticizes Elaine for taking the book and destroying the glass case. She begins of thinking of reporting her, then walks out of the room instead, as she believes that her dad would never know if she didn’t say anything about the incident. In the next issue, Katherine reads the book, sees a train ticket, and knows where Elaine is going.
  • Episode 7, Caelum: Katherine remembers back, during the night, when Katherine broke into the library, and the smoke she inhaled. She concludes it wasn’t a dream, but was something that happened. In episodes that follow this, she gets ready for work, while Elaine sits on a train.
  • Episode 10, “Mensa“: Katherine talks to her dad, who convinces her to go on a trip and away from the “boring library” where she works, where she could even write a book about it. In issues that follow this, we get background on Katherine and Elaine, as the latter gets closer to the Clatworthy Mansion.
  • Episode 15, “Apus“: Katherine catches up with Elaine, wanting to speak to her, with Elaine teasing her about losing another book.
  • Episode 16, “Lynx“: Katherine tells Elaine that after she destroyed the library and stole important books that she would be inclined to help on “unimportant matters”. Katherine follows Elaine inside the mansion.
  • Episode 17, “Lepus“: Elaine suggests (in a teasing way) burning books in the library to make a fire, which Katherine pushes against, saying burning old wooden furniture is a better idea. In episodes that follow, they make a fire.
  • Episode 19, “Pisces“: Katherine says that Elaine started it by coming into “my library” while Elaine said that that story could have ended when she took the book back. Later, she learns about the talking umbrella Cedric Ward with Elaine, learns about the plan to gain information from the mansion, and she ends up bonding with the umbrella in the process. They later end up sleeping on couches in the living room of the mansion.
  • Episode 26, “Virgo“: Late at night, in the mansion, Katherine tells Elaine that she didn’t do much in the library “back home”, and said that her life there was dull.
  • Episode 28, “Capricornus“: The following day, they both go to the mansion’s library, along with the talking umbrella, with Katherine calling the library incredible compared to the library “back home” although Elaine doesn’t see it that way. She uses her magic smoke, and tells Katherine what they are looking for.
  • Episode 29, “Cancer“: Still in the library, they look for any family history-related books, with Elaine saying if she had stayed, her life would have been terrible rather than beautiful, giving Katherine a stack of books, but refusing to read any of the books, books which are aimed at trying to turn Cedric back to normal.
  • Episode 30, “Aquila“: Katherine begins reading through the books, and begins talking to the umbrella, while Elaine grumbles about her starting things again.
  • Episode 31, “Cetus“: Building on the previous episode, where Katherine learned that Elaine took the umbrella away from the house a year before, she learned that he had been trapped there, all while she looks through the books in this library. In episodes that follow, the umbrella provides more backstory, including meeting a beautiful girl, Margaret, and he finds her dying, with her using the rest of her life force to turn him into an umbrella.
  • Episode 37, “Chamaeleon“: Katherine is sorry to hear of the story from the umbrella and bonds with him, while Elaine hears nearby that they are making fun of her for not reading the books.
  • Episode 38, “Aquarius“: Katherine finds a secret passageway out of the library, telling El and the umbrella. Katherine remains a bit annoyed with El during this.
  • Episode 39, “Corvus“: They descend the secret passageway and reach a mysterious library, with El annoyed by this, until she sees the family tree with blood on it, coming over the table, scared.
  • Episode 40, “Equuleus“: Still in the library, they look at the family tree, while El pricks her finger and makes all those on the tree “red”, showing they are dead.
  • Episode 41, “Triangulum“: Kate realizes the inkwell was knocked over, something which El didn’t notice.
  • Episode 42, “Microscopium“: Kate realizes that a letter had ink put on it to erase a person from the family tree and fake her death. El realizes that the ticking is getting closer and knows it is time to go, knowing they have to leave before it is too late.
  • Episode 43, “Canes Venatici“: She grabs Kate, holding her hand tightly as they have to leave the mansion, as the ticking has found them, although Kate doesn’t know what’s going on.
  • Episode 44, “Grus“: The ticking from the spider’s clock threatens them all, with El saying that Kate may be “really good with books” but that magic is her area of expertise. In later episodes, Kate runs away, as El suggested, but it results in El getting hurt, and so she returns, grabs the arm of Kate, and they jump to safety (or what it seems to be).
Grandpabats and the Library of Infinite Worlds (2021-2022)
  • Episode 1, “The Library of Infinite Worlds“: Mina enters a spooky library, creeped out by the library spirit/being, and says she could catalog the books in the library in a couple of days. But, she is amazed when she enters the library of infinite worlds.
  • Episode 2, “Railgun“: Mina hears the story of a mercenary group known as “Railgun,” and the spirit/being in the library says she can call him “Grandpa Bats.” She wants to organize more of the library but he wants to tell her more stories instead.
  • Episode 3, “Grandpa Bats“: After a strange night at work, she finds a note from her employer on her bedside and she returns back to the spooky library later that night.

The series is currently not available, and even the Instagram is currently private, while the YouTube channel is empty.

Greta the Red Wolf (2021-Present) 
  • Episode 6, “Greta the High School Student“: Brief mention of library expanding as the school’s facilities get updated.
  • Episode 7, “Senior Year“: Greta meets her brother, Vincent, in the library, where he is shelving books. Vincent says he will be coming their every so often after his classes in the future.
  • Episode 8, “Transfer Student (2)“: Greta and Vincent talk in the library and are followed by the transfer student Euphenia there. They realize she is following them and they catch onto her, but she doesn’t know that, showing that her spying skills aren’t the best.
  • Episode 9, The Vampire, the Witch and the Werewolf (1): Greta and Vincent are still aware that the transfer student Euphenia is watching them in the library, as they look at the rare books collection. They are pulled into a magic portal and she helps them, and they help her, as they are pulled into another dimension. This continues in episode 10 as they leap back into the library.
  • Episode 10, Witch Friend (1)“: They finally get back in the library, with Greta and Vincent talking with Euphenia, a witch, who inadvertently tells them of their powers.
  • Episode 10, “Witch Friend (2)“: They walk out of the library and Euphenia is annoyed that Greta doesn’t know who she is, as she wasn’t paying attention on the first day for Euphenia, who introduced herself in front of the class.
  • Episode 13, “Foreboding“: Two shadowy figures go to the rare books section of the school’s library. The room is closed off because they want to be cautious and make sure the portal isn’t opened by anyone who isn’t supposed to open it.
  • Episode 14, “A Series of Unexpected Events“: Greta, her brother, and schoolfriend find out that the rare books room is closed. They brush off any possibility they were the cause of the closure and decide to look elsewhere for information.
Guillotine Public Library (2019)
  • Episode 1, “Skeleton in the Library“: One patron, Lavii, tries to reach a book at a higher shelf and the librarian, Skeezix, sees her as a skeleton/reaper, freaking out.
  • Episode 2, “Chance Reunion“: Lavii meets her mentor, Skeezix, who is a librarian.
  • Episode 3, “Catching up“: Lavii is glad to hear that Skeezix will get her a library card and she gets a library card.
  • Episode 4, “The Conqueror Worm“: A patron, Vanessa O’Neal, asks Skeezix about works of Edgar Allan Poe and fights off a monster in the library as a reaper himself
  • Episode 6, “Remain Hidden: Skeezix gets the Poe book for Vanessa even though he is bandaged up from fighting the monster, but some of it still survives and it escapes the library.

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Hate That I Like You (2022-Present)
  • Chapter 6: Aerin tells Jisoo about a time she say Jihyun about to kiss a teacher in the school library stacks.
High-Class Homos (2021-Present)
  • Episode 22: August goes with his crush to the library as he is exhausted, and he sleeps on the shoulder of crush, causing him to get embarrassed.
Himawari-San (2009-Present)
  • In this 70+ chapter manga by Sugano Manami, one bookstore, named a bookery, is the center of this story, but there are also chapters set in a high school library. Matsuri Kazamatsuri meets a shopkeeper named Himawari, who runs the bookstore in the middle of the school grounds, and she ends up falling in love with her, as their relationship grows over time, as the course of the manga itself, as they grow closer and closer to one another.
House of Stars (2008)
  • Episode 8, Issue #8: The first library scene in the comic, where Lily, the story protagonist, goes into the palace library in hopes of finding a book with a happy ending to help the queen and she takes a book that her green friend, Nixen, was reading!
  • Episode 9, Issue #9: Lily and Nixen talk in the library, with Nixen saying he can’t even remember his family, after looking at a book on the family story of a noble, and further connecting with each other in the process.
  • Episode 10, Issue #10: Lily enters a huge library, after giving the queen what she wanted, which supposedly has every “that was ever told” even though it obviously doesn’t have that, beginning to look for a book with a happy ending.
Huntress: Year One (2008)
  • Vol. 1, No. 4: In this comic, “Helena overhears a group of Americans from the US Attorney’s office, including legal librarian Barbara Gordon, in town for a seminar about the Mafia.”

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I Don’t Want To Go Back (2021-Present)
I Kissed a Succubus aka Watashi wa Succubus to Kiss o Shita (2020-2022)
  • This 20+ chapter mature manga by Shiratama Moti features a supporting character named Mirino who made a move on Aki Otsu at the library, a person she considers her wife. She makes this move in a flashback chapter, specifically chapter 13, in which Mirino helped Aki get a book from an upper shelf, asks Aki about being a succubus, and kisses her in the library, getting closer to her.
I Seduced the Hero’s Mother (2021-Present)
  • Episode 7“: Leriana Ashford goes to the royal library, where Rachel, the future mother of the hero, is, with Rachel telling her to go away, but she ends up holding Rachel’s face, surprising her.
  • Episode 8“: Leriana pleads with Rachel, in the royal library, to become her friend, telling her that deep down she is a good person, but she ends up pledging her loyalty to Rachel, something she didn’t expect, and ends up groveling on her knees.
  • Episode 10“: Leriana meets Rachel in the library, sitting beside her as she reads books, even trying to give her cookies. But, she remains cold, then puts the cookie into Rachel’s mouth, to her annoyance, with the reason for rejecting the food is not altogether clear, with some readers thinking she might be allergic.
Ice Cold (2021-Present)
  • Bonus Episode: Hard questions“: Annya and Lia hang out in the library, and are joined by other people who bribed their way to get past the security guard and into the school.

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Jack O’ Lanterns (2021-Present)
  • Mystery Note (Part 1),” No. 7: In this issue, Luna, Holly, and Misty go to the Black Cat Library to find the magic book they are looking for, learning that someone ripped out pages to deny the existence of her parents.
Jackson’s Diary (2021-Present)
  • (S2) Episode 68,” No. 68: In a flashback, Pamela confronts her boyfriend on his cheating in the school library and breaks up with him, with the help of her other friend. One of her friends pushes down the bookshelves on Pamela’s jerk-off boyfriend.
Jamie (2018-Present)
  • Issue 20, “Page 30“: Jamie walks near the school library nervously, thinking about his crush. The library is bustling with students and probably is not quiet.

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Kimi to Tsuzuru Utakata aka The Summer You Were There (2020-Present)
  • This 20+ chapter manga by Yuama has a protagonist named Shizuku Hoshikawa, who is a sensitive loner secretive novel writer, who is Kaori Asaka’s classmate, blushing when Kaori holds her hands or praises her novel, and later started dating Kaori during their summer vacation. In the third chapter, her heart skipped a beat when she saw Kaori reading a novel in the library, after she suggested that she wanted to go to the library, something which Kaori was fine with as well. She is surprised when Kaori likes the same author as her, and Kaori teases her, saying “you’re supposed to keep quiet in the library, right?” Later, Kaori says they should do this again, so they can have a “library date”. As the comic goes on, Shizuku slowly falls in love with Kaori. As the comic goes on, Shizuku slowly falls in love with Kaori, even as she breaks down and says she isn’t a good person as she used to bully people, something which Kaori knows because they both went to the same elementary school! They later open up to one another.
  • In Chapter 10, they both go to the library again, picking out a book to read in their “pretend” relationship, supposed to last through the summer, but it will likely go beyond that.
Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo (2016, 2020-2021)
  • This 12 chapter manga (divided into two parts on mangapuma) by Morinaga Milk has a protagonist named Michiru Endou, who is a mild, kind, and eccentric girl who likes romance stories, especially those by Nosaka, which became almost like an obsession, as she looked for past issues of the zine in the library. This story appears in chapter 7 of this manga,  when Endou confesses to Nosaka that she likes her, and they start going out on dates. They become close, despite Nosaka pushing her away, at one point, but they get back together by the end of the chapter.
Knights of the Lion (2021-2022)
  • Episode 1, “The Letter“: Aurora tells her friend Emery about the disappearance of her “friend” named Hummingbird, and is determined the trace the letter to find its origin.
  • Episode 19, “Friends and Relationships“: Zola meets with her friends, in the royal library, Taiga and other Black woman, who encourage her to accept the offer from Princess Aurora to become a royal knight, with Zola having feelings for Aurora.

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Lady Knight (2021-2022)
  • Episode 20, “With Honours”: Aurora works with her friends Gus and Gavin to steal a book from the library’s classified section while another friend, Gus, sets a fire to distract the professor. They use this in the next story to try and get ahead on botany.
Library Ghost (2014-2015)
  • Multiple episodes/issues: This webcomic describes itself as about “a ghost that works at the library.”
Library Kids (2021)
  • Multiple episodes/issues: In this comic, Sam has to go the library and meets some “disturbed” kids, as she calls them. This comic includes a shushing librarian in the first issue and Sam reads books there with other kids, like Rachel, on various topics, including a strange book that Rachel made, and meets a kid named Kenny. She laments that she is stuck with “weirdos.”
Like Wind on a Dry Branch (2021-Present)
  • Episode 51, “To Each a Secret (8)“: Protagonist Rieta Tristi is reading a book in the library and is surprised by their lord.
Lilah’s Magic Shop (2020-2022)
  • Episode 18,” No. 20: Lilah goes to her childhood home and finds a book on black magic, within the study, a library of sorts.
Little Library Helper (2017-2019)
  • Multiple episodes/issues: This comic focuses on, according to its description, a girl getting lost in a “maze of books,” with a voice calling to her to find meaning, including showing new library patrons, keepers of books, and more.
Library of Ruins (2021)
  • Multiple episodes/issues: This webcomic is about a “hidden library that contains all the knowledge and history of humankind.” Many travel to the library, but once you enter you cannot leave unless you find what you are looking for, with the protagonist named Crawley who is a librarian, historian, ally, and owner of the library itself, even though he distrusts humans. A person named Kevin helps him, but is not the best library helper. There is also a monster in the library, but sadly nothing more was said as the comic was put on hold indefinitely, although the characters will supposedly re-appear in Sir Crumby.
Library of Secrets (2020)
Library War (2006-2007)
  • In this light novel, also two mangas (Library Wars: Love & War and Toshokan Sensō Spitfire!) and another light novel (Bessatsu Toshokan Sensō), the protagonists are part of the Library Team Defense Force / Library Defense Force, a paramilitary organization in Japan which serves to defend libraries against the Media Betterment Act (MBA) enforced by the Media Betterment Committee (MBC) via Media Betterment Corps and other pro-MBA independent factions.  This was turned into an anime series in 2008, an OVA in 2008, an anime film in 2012 (Library War: The Wings of Revolution), a live-action film in 2013, and another live-action film in 2015.
Lore Olympus (2018-Present)
Love x2 Lover Librarian (2013)
  • In the 34 chapters of this fancomic of Touhou Project characters, by Satsuki RC and Touya, a girl volunteers to work at a school library and another librarian shows her the ropes, like shelving and other tasks. She saves her from other interlopers, like one that wants her to be her maid instead of a librarian.

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Meau! (2020-Present)
  • Issue 34, “Hunters”: Gwen goes into the library to get some materials and a librarian tells her that the books cannot be checked out, and must stay within the library. Unfortunately, she is attacked and her boss defends her, but he is wounded mortally, and the librarian is mortified.
Mekanix (2001-2004)
  • In this comic, Karma takes a job as a librarian for the University of Chicago, in the first issue, and she later gets a crush on Shadowcat (as shown in Mekanix Starring Shadowcat #1-6 (2003)), later coming out as gay in New Mutants vol. 2 #4 (2003). She also serves as a librarian of the Xavier Institute in New Mutants vol. 2 #5–7, and is a French teacher, as noted on her Wikipedia page. In issue one, is noted she is a librarian who has the power to possess people and is also named Shan. Later issues introduce Katherine “Kitty” Pryde, former member of the X-Men, who has a shrink.
Merlin’s Story! (2020-Present)
  • Episode 94, “Yearbook School A“: Merlin and Ringo go to the local school library to ask about a yearbook. The librarian says the yearbook isn’t open to the public, so she wants to know why Merlin wants to look at it, and she says that she is searching for a specific student.
  • Episode 95, “Yearbook School B: The librarian helps her, after she gives a bit of a description, telling her that she is looking for a model from the school which was used 20 years in the past. And she gets all the yearbooks from back then for her, and she sits on a table looking through them. 
  • Episode 99, “Found It? A: Still in the library, Merlin finds that there are 100 students matching the description of the person she is looking for, and she has a hunch that one of the girls is the right one, ready to bring the book to the warehouse.
  • Episode 100, “Found It? B: It turns out that the librarian went to the same school over 22 years ago, and the person they were looking for was one of their classmates!
  • Episode 102, “Next Step A: The librarian says  knows the girl they are thinking of, calling her a clumsy girl who was “always bullied,” noting she always wanted to help her, but she was a “cowardly girl” in the past. 
  • Episode 103, “Next Step B: The librarian gives them an address. With this, they can find the girl they are looking for…Misaki.
Monolith (2004)
My Awkward Princess (2021-Present)
  • Issue #29, “Help me study president“: Luna Charlotte is studying in the library and is helped by Alice Evelyn.
  • Issue #53, “Secret Admirer“: Alice holds down Luna’s hand,, tenderly, while Luna feels that someone is watching her.
My Masochistic Boss (2020-Present)
  • Episode 49, “[S2] 7 – Most Important“: Protagonist Blaze Clarke remembers back to when she went to the library because of a hostile home environment, and found a “completely different world” and a helpful elderly librarian. This was something that some of the readers definitely agreed with.
  • Episode 50, “[S2] 8 – Different Worlds“: Blaze notes how books were an important part of her childhood, with all the information and knowledge, with all “sorts of different stories and worlds”, and that she almost gave up on a love for literature until she met Holly, and Holly accepted her as a girlfriend.
My Next-Door Neighbors (2020-2022)

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Nevermore (2022-Present)
  • Issue 36, “Episode 36“: Lenore meets her friends in a study area of the school and says she will choose it as their hideout.
New Mutants Vol. 2 (2003-2004)
  • Vol. 2, Issue 4, “Freaks and Geeks“:  She graduates from University of Chicago, then later works as a librarian, shown behind the information desk, and helps some fellow students. She later stands up for a fellow student who is a mutant.
  • Vol. 2, Issue 5, “Not One of Us“: She looks at books at the Xavier Institute, and talks to Professor Xavier.

Nobody’s Library (2020-Present)
  • Multiple episodes/issues: This webcomic is described as follows: “The Great Library has been derelict for years, its precious books scattered across the worlds, its mages, scholars and librarians long gone – until now.”
Nozomi x Little Ms. Librarian (2021)
  • In the 19 chapters of this fancomic by Nishuukai, using characters from Hibike! Euphonium, Nozomi asks the librarian for a book and passes notes back and forth with her. This comic is sweet, filled with yuri themes, and subtext.
Nuku Nuku Toshoiin aka Snuggly Librarian (2016)
  • This one-shot yuri manga (which can be read on manganato) by Nakajima Chizuna features a protagonist named Mikoto, who is an honest girl, often reading books at the library on a kotetsu in the winter. She likes Marimo, who embarrasses her, even wanting to wear her panties to stay warm under the kotetsu. Marimo is a librarian of sorts, but she likes to keep warm. She later says that you can borrow up to five books for two weeks and calls herself “a book stamper”. They later hug one another to stay warm, after leaving the kotetsu because they have to go to the bathroom.

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Obliviously In Love (2021-Present)
  • Library, Again” (Episode 28): The protagonists meet in the school library to study.
On a Reaper’s Whim (2022-Present)
  • Contest Entry” (Episode 1): The protagonist, a Black woman, talks to a reaper about her fate, saying she can’t avoid being a ruler, saying that she would lay down her life for her. Both talk within a colorful and well-lit library at an undisclosed location.

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Princess of Bloomville (2021-2022?)
  • Episode 28, issue 32: Valoria says that when they were in Bloomville they found papers in the archives that mentioned Coral, so Ginovelle, Coral, Valoria, and Pearl travel to the library, to learn more about the note in the Bloomville archives.
  • Episode 29, issue 33: Ginovelle learns about the past while one guest reads one of the old books in the library, and she grows even closer to Valoria, while the archives is mentioned yet again.

Note: It appears that this webcomic has been taken down (when clicking on the links it says “This series is currently unavailable”) and it is not known if it will be returning. As such, these comics are currently unavailable, as are the author‘s Instagram (mellmone_) and Patreon. The comic is only available places like here in Spanish.

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Questionable Content (2003-Present)


Read or Die (2000-2016)
  • In this light novel series (currently 12 volumes), and also in 2000-2005 manga, Yomiko Readman works as a secret field agent for the British Library.
Reeds (2020-Present)
  • It’s not fair“, Episode 51: Payeng tries to break into the secret library but is stopped before he (a trans man who has not yet transitioned) can do real investigation.
  • Sick to my stomach“, Episode 52: Payeng gets in the library and sees a vision which makes her question a lot, and makes her think of what secrets are hidden about the reality.
Rêveal (2021-Present)
Rosy Ends (2019)
Rex Libris (2005-2008)
  • This comic follows the story of a “tough-as-nails Head Librarian,” named Rex Libris.
Royal Library (2022)
  • Introduction“: Celeste, formerly a high imp, tries to get back her lost memories, and sneaks into the Royal Library. She remembers back what happened to her in the past.

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Sabine: an asexual coming-of-age story (2018-Present)
  • Issue #4, “Four“: Sabine works at the on-campus library and accidentally gives a guy her number, just to make him go away. The story is continued in the next issue.
  • Issue #20, Nineteen: Sabine and her new friend are working in the library, and a librarian shushes them unnecessarily.
  • Issue #108, “One Hundred Five: Sabine tries to avoid Sean the Sniffer, who works a shift before her at the school library.
  • Issue #109, “One Hundred Six“: Sabine meets her friend at the library to study and they later have a movie night together.
  • Issue #118, “One Hundred Fifteen“: Sabine, who works at the library, deals with Sean, a guy who keeps trying to hit on her, and tries to push him off. She checks out a book for a teacher, Ms. Ra, who incorrectly assumes that Sean is her boyfriend, annoying her.
  • Issue #123, “One Hundred Twenty“: The creepy guy, Sean, tries to hit on Sabine yet again, as she begins her library shift, and she blushes after he flirts with her. She does this because she is uncomfortable and embarrassed not because she thinks he is cute.
  • Issue #126, “One Hundred Twenty Three“: Sean returns, trying to hit on Sabine again, who is studying in the library with her friends, with her disgust echoed by her friends.
  • Issue #127, “One Hundred Twenty Four“: Sabine is doing schoolwork in the library with her friends.
  • Issue #131, “One Hundred Twenty Eight“: Sabine is working on a paper for class, submits it, and is gleeful it is spring break.
  • Issue #141, “One Hundred Thirty Eight“: Sabine admires her friend Chelsea who seems confident assured of herself, while she spends time in the school library, and says Chelsea is “cool”.
Scenes from the Library (2018)
  • Issue #1, “Scene One: Murder!“: Idothea is spying on Zedwig lovingly, and is surprised by her friend, and annoys him with her knowledge of a murder in a book he has.
  • Issue #2, “Scene Two: Research?: Idothea sits by Zedwig, who she has a crush on, and he starts to tell her the research he is doing in the library.
Serious Trans Vibes (2019-Present)
  • Issue #79, “Books“: In this episode, Stephie says that while some call the comic absurd because it has “too many” trans characters, she asks whether readers have tried to randomly find “a book featuring trans characters in the library,” or tried to find a trans character in the “billions of pages.”
Sex Criminals (2013-2020)
  • Multiple issues: The protagonist, Suzie, is a librarian, and she meets an actor, Jon, with both later deciding to rob the bank where Jon works in order to save Suzie’s endangered library.
Shelf Check (2016-2017)
  • A library comic strip which is now defunct as it ended in 2017.
Shirobako: Ueyama Kouko Animation Doukoukai (2015)
  • Chapter 1, “Miyamori” by Mizutama and Sugihara Kenji: in this comic, the characters are in the library after Miyamori tries to recruit people for an indie anime, and says they should give up even after a middle schooler shows interest. The protagonist returns a stack of books, the librarian tells them to be quiet, while the protagonist does not have much self-confidence. She ends up coming together with Miyamori and four other girls, with all of them beginning as members of the Anime Association that following spring, then moving forward with their anime. However, in Chapter 2, the protagonist writes the script for their anime and another of the girls gets close to her. No libraries are features here, nor any librarians, so not sure why it came up in a search.
Shitsurakuen aka Lost Paradise (2016)
  • This 20+ chapter manga by Naomura Tooru has a protagonist named Sora Himoto, a transfer student who enrolled in order to save the girls whom used to be slaves for male students, and near the school she goes to, she she heard the screams of Koharu from the rear of the library self-study area. The latter is first shown in chapter 4.5, and I believe the scene is in chapter 7.
Sides of Sky (2021-Present)
  • Chapter 1 – Part 1,” No. 3: In this issue, the protagonist, Cascade, goes into the library with her friends, looking for a specific book.
  • Chapter 1 – Part 2,” No. 4: Cascade begins to touch the book, while her friends prepare a distraction.
  • Chapter 1 – Part 3,” No. 5: Cascade grabs a book, in the library, and is pulled into another world.
  • Chapter 3 – Part 1,” No. 10: Cascade is stuck in the other world, with her friends trying to help her. They are still in the library.
  • Chapter 3 – Part 4,” No. 14: Cascade is in the other world, while the girl from the other world is now in her original world; Cascade’s friends leave the library and are worried about her.
Sisters at War (2022-Present)
  • Issue #6, “Haera Chu (6)“: Haera goes to the library to learn more about a sculpture and even prints out a photo of it, but Li has the wealth and privilege she flies to Italy to see it in person, causing Haera to feel like she lost, for now.
Smity and Majesty (2021-Present)
  • Episode #16: Prysia explains her past, when she worked as a librarian at the Royal Library of Saint Mirakel, and met Prince Vain.
  • Episode #51: Prysia remembers back to when she studied and learned about swamp trolls in the royal library.
  • Episode #95: Vain remembers back to when he met Prysia in the royal library where she was working as a librarian.
Spells From Hell (2021-2022)
  • Episode #14: In this episode, the author confuses archives and libraries, thinking they are the same thing, unfortunately.
  • Episode #37: James meets his “friend” in the school library and is annoyed with her for tattling on his life to his parents. In the process of all of this, both are shushed.
Spellbound (2018-Present) [on hiatus]
Spidey Super Stories (1970s)
  • Spidey Super Stories Vol. 1, no. 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 27, 30, 32, 36, 42, 48, 49, 53, 57: Valerie the librarian appears in these comics.
Steam Dragon Express (2017-2018)
  • Episode #15: Bernadette remembers back to when she studied in a library as a younger girl and was encouraged by her dad even when others looked down on her.
Steven Universe (2014-2015)
  • Issue #5: Connie and Steven begin preparing to raise money to create a library in Beach City.
  • Issue #6: Concludes the story begun in Issue #5, with Connie saying they have enough books to begin their library collection.
Steven Universe (2017-2020)
  • Issue #36: Librarian who debuted in the episode “Buddy’s Book” helps the protagonists, Steven and Connie, in this comic, after books around the library have disappeared.
Sunkissed Library (2020)
  • Multiple episodes/issues: This webcomic is about a deaf man named Vince who gets his freckled childhood best friend Cassy at the Sunkissed Library, experiencing romance, drama, and more along the way. They meet a man named Walter who will be working with them, and he decides to stay at Vince’s apartment. The loneliness at work, interpersonal problems, and more, drive the comic, which focuses on the library workers (Vince, Cassy, Walter), but no patrons are really seen, none at all, meaning that, perhaps this passes the LPT, you could argue. Sadly, the comic went on infinite hiatus in August 2020 and will likely not return as the author said that drawing it was not good for their mental health.
Sword & Sphere (2020-2022)
  • Episode 22, Issue #24: The protagonist, Soleith Bourbon, goes to a library in a kingdom she is staying to discuss with Jerome and Martin about getting an ancient journal at a location where a person has been locked away for 30 years!
  • Episode 25, Issue #27: The librarian, Lazurus Luca, appears;  Soleith tries to break in the library, helped by one of the villains.
  • Episode 26, Issue #28: Soleith breaks in the library, with the librarian threatening to burn everything down. In the next episode, Jerome, Martin, and Kemy are en route to the library, to seize control of it.
  • Episode 28, Issue #30: Jerome, Martin, and Kemy come to help Soleith and ask the old librarian for help in locating a lost journal in a library that has become a pigsty.
  • Episode 29, Issue #31: The protagonists look for the lost journal with the librarian’s help, the librarian begins flying into the sky before Soleith stops it, but a part of the castle falls into the sea as a result. Soleith next wakes up in prison and she gets angry at Martin for having her locked up there for false charges, even as he feels bad for what he did.
  • Episode 33, Issue #35: The library makes a re-appearance, as do flying books, as Soleith tries to get inside.

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Tamberlane (2020-Present)
That Awkward Magic!! (2021-Present) [Currently on Hiatus]
The Caged Bird Sings Themes of Love aka Kago no Shoujo wa Koi wo suru (2018-2022)
  • This six chapter manga by Izumi Kawanami features a protagonist named Yue, a refined and loner student at a boarding school who embraced Chizuru, a girl she likes, from behind while in the library of this academy. This happens in chapter 5, when Yue comes to one of the library rooms, and tells Chizaru that finding books there for her to read is something she likes to do. She only hugs Yue, doesn’t kiss or anything, and wants to keep her company. Later, Mio tells Chizuru to not meet with Yue because she “is a witch”.
The Fantasy Book Club (2020-Present)
  • Multiple episodes: An anti-social (and aromantic) librarian at Crossroads University named Fiona Standish gets herself caught up in magic, changing her into a fire dragon, and putting herself into mortal danger, along with fellow students, with a curse she unknowingly spread. Also features a Black woman named Jayla Morgan who is a library science professor and special collections curator, and is Fiona’s boss. The author of the comic has also said that when she was younger, the person she talked to the most was her middle school librarian and she “devoured everything she gave me to read until there was literally nothing left in the section I hadn’t read”, causing her to come up with her own stories as a result of that. Additionally, a White male library aide is shown. Furthermore, Fiona’s friend, Tristan, is asexual, and has non-binary friend named Quinn, who was a fellow student. In the episode “Best Gift Ever“, for instance, the library staff have a celebration, with Fiona named dragon of the library, even though none of them realize that she is actually the dragon!
The Girl of the Van (2021-2022)
  • “Chapter 04”, No. 4: Jess remembers back to when she went to the school library and saw two people kissing. She later masturbates and imagines herself kissing another girl, surprising her.
The Girlfriend Project (2022-Present)
  • Chapter 6“: Julia (with the long red hair) and Ryn (with the brownish hair) have a date-of-sorts in the library, getting to know each other better. They have a fun time together, laughing at each other’s jokes, enjoying each other’s company, and pointing out the features of each other they like. When the elderly female librarian thinks they are dating, it throws Nye off, as well as Julia. Later, Julia says they were convincing enough to confuse the librarian, while Ryn laments that they didn’t make progress on their project.
The Greenhouse (2019-Present)
  • Episode 69, Issue #78: Very brief library scenes, where the protagonist and others visit the school library off and on.
  • Episode 70, Issue #79: Very brief library scene, when Pip sees Avery in the school library and feels bad for her, glad to see her, but she has some secrets of her own…
The Haunting of Library Ruins (2022)
  • Issue 1 “The haunting of library ruins – CTA; Grey, a librarian (officially night guardian), is tasked with preparing books to be given to children by another librarian (Lya), and talks with his co-worker about ghosts. He later ends up fighting off the ghost-of-sorts with a dagger. He barely survives the assault. Later, a librarian named Mikhail appears, who it turns out is the person he was fighting. The concept art in Issue 2 gives a bit more background on the characters in this comic.
The Hidden Witch (2018)
  • Libraries appear on pages 1-4 and 106 of this graphic novel, part two of a graphic novel series by Molly Ostertag, with the beginning novel as The Witch Boy and the third part as The Midwinter Witch The library in this series is magical, including artifacts and weapons, and is used for teaching, as Aster learns how to be a witch, even though he is a boy, with witch spells said to only be used by girls because of tradition. Later, Aster is shown practicing spell writing on the ground of the library with his friends.
The Kiss Bet (2019-Present)
  • Season 1, Episode 3, “The Tutor (Part 1)“: Sara Lin goes to her tutor session with Oliver, the”Subway Boy,” in a library room.
  • Season 1, Episode 4, “The Tutor (Part 2): Sara struggles with her tutoring session, not wanting Oliver to figure her out, as the one who tried to kiss him earlier.
  • Season 1, Episode 7, “Math is Hard“: Sara prepares for her new tutoring session in the library with Oliver, helped by Patrick.
  • Season 1, Episode 10, “Confrontations (Part 1)“: Sara and Oliver meet for their tutoring session once again, getting angry at one another, recognizing more of each other.
  • Season 1, Episode 11, “Confrontations (Part 2)“: Sara and Oliver finish their tutoring session in the library.
  • Season 2, Episode 69, “Tell Me“: Sara and Oliver have another tutoring session in the library, with Oliver’s band mentioned.
  • Season 2, Episode 70, “Deal“: Sara and Oliver continue their tutoring session in the library, with Sara agreeing to help Oliver.
  • Season 2, Episode 71, “Change of Plans“: Sara and Oliver end their tutoring session in the library.
  • Season 3, Episode 88, “Lunch Tutoring (Part 1)“: Sara Lin begins another session with Oliver, in a library room, this time about making a song.
  • Season 3, Episode 89, “Lunch Tutoring (Part 2)“: Sara Lin continues her session with Oliver in the library room.
  • Season 3, Episode 114, “Holding Hands (Part 2)“: Sara readies herself for her study session with Oliver in the library room, clearly catching feelings for him.
  • Season 3, Episode 115, “Running Away“: Sara and Oliver have their study session in the library room.
  • Season 3, Episode 116, “I Won’t Let You Fail“: They continue their study session, with Oliver vowing that Sara won’t fail.
  • Season 3, Episode 118, “Fake Crush“: Sara and Oliver end their study session, agreeing to meet each other later and study.
The Library (2018)
  • Issue No. 1, “The Library“: In this comic, a kid wakes up in a library filled with weird ghosts, and he meets a librarian who tells him he has to work with him for seven days, but the only rule is he cannot open “the door.” He does so, and he is sucked into the book, with another girl arriving. The cycle then starts over again.
The Library (2021)
  • Multiple episodes/issues: In this comic, one man, Daniel, stays as the librarian but now wants to leave the Library of Alexandria, with scholars granted a “year’s study contained within a single night’s sleep,” but he is there alone, after he is turned into a librarian by an old woman, Jean, trying to bestow the privilege, as everyone else is too old. He wakes up in the library, which is empty, and he is separated from his family, which is so sad, but he meets someone there, and he appears to become a librarian there.
The Library (H) (2020)
  • Issue No. 2, “Episode 2“: Protagonist meets a man who tells her about a library which only opens itself to those who are worthy, saying the library is never wrong in its judgment, an he is a gatekeeper, telling her to go on a journey to get to the library.
  • Issue No. 3, “Episode 3: She struggles in the next episode over whether to go on this quest to the library or not, and her parents/guardians encourage her to do it.
  • Issue No. 4, “Epilogue: Her quest finally comes to an end and she reaches the library, which is filled with all sorts of happy and wonderful people, so she can begin her happy life.
The Library of Fore (2019)
  • Issue No. 1, “Chapter 1“: The only thing that exists in the interdenominational base of civilization is The Library of Fores.
The Pākalā Kids (2021-2022)
  • Episode 7, “Self-Taught; Ending scene of Lani studying in the the rural town of Pākalā Village, Kauaʻi, by herself.
The Prince(ss) of the Library (2021)
  • Multiple episodes/issues: In this comic, a crossdressing guy, Sher Morgan, meets an introverted nerd, Mr. Reese, who works at a library, but they are pushed together.
The School Librarian and the High School Girl (2015)
  • In the 32 chapters of this original comic by Morino Ikura, a student named Sayama is in love with her sensei, a librarian, even putting on makeup for her, and kisses her. She thinks the librarian forgets her but, in fact, the librarian puts on the lipstick she requested and likes her just as much.
The Siren’s Light (2021-Present)
  • CHAPTER 5 (4)“: Avina helps Jeana, by sitting by her and comforting her while they sit in the library together.
  • CHAPTER 5 (5)“: Jeana resolves to do research in the library as she, and Avina, get closer to one another.
  • CHAPTER 5 (6)“: Avina comforts Jeana in the library and they begin to read more about Sirens while there.
The Turtle Library (2018)
  • Multiple episodes/issues: This comic follows, as its description states, “a group of young librarians living aboard a giant turtle with a library in its belly.”
The Vampire Librarian (2022-Present)
  • Multiple episodes: In this webcomic, a new kid named Madison in a small town, goes to a mysterious library with supernatural beings posing as librarians, and it becomes much more than she bargained for. This includes a witchy librarian named Beth and a vampire librarian named Julian.
The Wallachian Library (2020-2022)
  • Issue #57, Chapter 10, Part 3: Vladimir Lenin and a number of other unworldly beasts/beings arrive at the Wallachian Library, what is left of the Library of Alexandria.
  • Issue #58, Chapter 10, Part 4: Lenin and others explore around the library which is now under attack from other characters.
  • Issue #59: Chapter 11, Part 1: It turns out the library is in its own time and space.
  • Issue #60: Chapter 11, Part 2: Attack on the library continues from Putin and others.
  • Issue #61: Chapter 11, Part 3: Attack by Stalin and others on the library moves forward.
  • Issue #62: Chapter 11, Part 4: Attack continues while fight inside library continues.
The Witch Boy (2017)
  • Libraries appear on pages 80-84, 111-115, and 156-161 of this graphic novel series by Molly Ostertag, the beginning of her three part series, which also includes The Hidden Witch [part 2 of this series], and The Midwinter Witch [part 3 of this series]. The library in this series is magical, including artifacts and weapons, and is used for teaching. On the other hand, it is where Aster steals a book from, to learn more about spells, is pushed off by Aunt Iris. Later, Aster breaks into the library with Charlotte “Charlie” to catch a dragon named Mikasi, who turns out to be his cousin who was trapped in a dragon form.
This is My Librarian (2015)
  • In the 60+ chapters of this fancomic of Touhou Project characters, by Millet Soup, there is a massive library in a mansion with a wide expense of knowledge and a person is brought in to clean up the place, a person noted as having previous library experience. She later works to save her master by using her librarian skills, saying that finding books is her job.
Through the Library Door (2022)
  • Four issues of this webcomic feature a new library assistant named Oliver and a Black male head librarian, with the job being much more than he bargained for, including another magic realm.

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Unshelved (2002-Present)

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Vampire-chan x Junior-chan aka Kyuuketsuki-chan to Kouhai-chan (2018-2021)
  • This 20+ chapter mature manga by Takano Saku features a main character named Iris Kagen at private Fujigamine Academy and she kissed Sara Ayafuji’s hand in the library. This scene happens in chapter 5. They have a very sensual and romantic scene together.
Vertigo Jam (1993)
  • Vol. 1, No. 1: Lucien appears. According to his fandom page, after retiring as a raven, Lucien was granted human form whereupon he became the librarian of Dream’s palace. Lucien continued to serve as librarian of Dream’s palace during the seventy-year period in which Dream was imprisoned by Roderick Burgess. Lucien also appears in many other comics.
Vixen: NYC (2022-Present)
  • Episode 4: Vixen, otherwise known as Mari Jiwe, is reading in a library and a guy who likes her is watching her silently (and nervously). She is about to ask him out, but does not do so.
  • Episode 11: Vixen talks to a guy she thinks is stalking her, the same one from episode 4, in the library but its actually Beast Boy, who is a member of the Teen Titans.
  • Episode 40: Vixen sits in the library, trying out her makeup, and she meets Beast Boy, who finds out that what she is using is made by a person who experimented on her when he was a kid!
  • Episode 41: Vixen talks to Beast Boy in the library, learning about person who experimented on latter, and trying to come with a plan to counter this person and bring him down, and his organization.
Vowrune (2020-Present)

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What are the Chances (2020-Present)
  • Issue 89, “49.1 Nap (2)“; The two protagonists, Tricia and Elsie are in the library and the girl she likes says she dreams about her, and blushes, revealing her feelings for the other.
  • Issue 90, “49.2 Team Effort“; Tricia talks to her brother in the school library before seeing Elsie there and blushes. Elsie says she came to the library just to see Tricia.
  • Issue 91, “50.1 Just One Time“; Elsie and Tricia talk to one another, and get romantically closer than they have previously.
Winter Before Spring (2021-Present)
  • Episode 31, No. 35: Hana’s friend, Yura, defends her from bullies in the library, and stays by her side, connecting with Hana.
  • Episode 32, No. 36: Yura grabs a book for Hana in the library and drives off the bullies.
  • Episode 46, No. 50: Yura studies in the public library with Hana and Yura’s friend. They study well.
  • Episode 50, No. 54: Yura and Hana study together in the library.
WBM: Black Joy Anthology (2023)
  • Episode 26, “Bakery Man – 2“: In this comic, one of the characters has a sister who is at the library, telling those there that she got a new job at a bakery.
Wonder Woman (1952)
  • Vol. 1, 51: In this comic, Wonder Woman takes “on the guise of librarian Jane Case after her rude and clueless boss at the Daily Globe tries to force her to reveal her secret identity.”

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X-Men (1963-2019)
  • No. I, Issue #36: Tom Regal heads to demolish a memorial library and gets to the library, but is unable to carry out this plan, according to Jeff Christiansen’s Marvel site. However, he does tear the library up in this 1967 issue in an attempt to get attention for himself, according to this fandom page.

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Yuri Hime Collection (2018)
  • “Short Cut”: In this short story, a protagonist, named Sawaki, is a smart and quiet honor student who is the classmate of Yukari and she likes to “read books from the library on her way home from school.” One translation says she got a book from “the bookstore”, not the library, interestingly.
  • “Three Second Rule”:  In this short story, there are two mysterious girls who are main characters. One is outgoing, energetic, and bit sneaky, asking her girl friend out at the school library. She acted like she wanted a boyfriend in order to make her girlfriend, who is a quiet, cautious, and serious girl jealous. Basically the one girl admits she does this because she likes the other girl, making her blush, and she declares “let’s fall in love” after the other girl is rendered speechless at this confession.
  • “Piece of Candy”: In this short story, Kaede is a protagonist, and an “emotionless, logical and quiet girl” who usually spends time in the library, often staring at Maki, who is outside, through the window, and she fancies specific types of candy. She seems to work as a student library assistant of some type.
  • “Roundabout”: Asami Kawahara, a protagonist who is naive, stubborn, and distrustful, stayed in the library while in school. She kept her relationship with Chiharu Ōno secret, until Chiharu vanished, and she learned that her family had moved abroad for work. She never knew why Chiharu didn’t tell her about this. She appears to work in the library as well, as she is shown shelving books during the short story.
Yuri Shima (2018)
  • “Nowhere to Go”: Moriya, a protagonist, is a playful, opportunistic, and playful girl, she is the roommate of Shimizu, and one time she grabbed the book Miwa decided to take at the library.
  • “The Two of Us”:  Yui Takahashi, a protagonist, is a shy and friendly girl and she likes to spend time in the school library, longing for “the freedom of being alone.”

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Zatanna & the Ripper (2022-Present)
  • Episode 14, “A Book About Jac“: Constantine says hello to the librarian at the local library (in 18th century London, during the time of Jack the Ripper), and they (he and Zatanna) hang out in a library room, so they can do spells and not be disturbed. Constantine calls the librarian a kindred spirit who is well-read.
  • Episode 16, “Draw Me A Cube“: Zatanna and Constantine go back to the library, hoping to learn more about the cases of Jack the Ripper, and guess where he might strike next.
Zinnia (2022-Present)
  • 26“: Aya Zeline helps Mia with her makeup, commenting that she usually comes to the library, knowing when it will be full with people and when it will be empty.
  • 27“: Aya and Mia seem like they are going to kiss as they get closer to one another.
  • 28“: Alena comes out of nowhere, interrupting the almost certain kiss between Aya and Mia.
Zoophobia (2015-2016)

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